Stagnate Sentence Examples | Use Stagnate in a sentence

1.if germany does not, it will force its less competitive eurozone partners to Stagnate and deflate.

2.the imf predicts it will contract by 0.4 per cent before doing little better than Stagnate in 2013.

3.cold air which reaches the basin from northeast tends to Stagnate there during the late autumn and winter.

4.passionate people never Stagnate in the pool of despair, feeling they are finished.

5.many americans are seeing their living standards Stagnate, but the gap between most of them has not changed all that much.

6.without this the periphery will simply Stagnate.

7.with china promising continued strong growth while european economies Stagnate, european investors will remain keen to move their money east.

8.but it demonstrates the ambition of many uk engineering companies not just to exploit emerging economies such as china for their low manufacturing costs, but also for their growing domestic demand as western economies Stagnate.

9.though he'd been a rising star for several years, he felt he'd begun to Stagnate.

10.his career had Stagnated.

11.meanwhile, traditional videogame powerhouses like electronic arts and nintendo have seen revenues Stagnate and fall. allow one to continue to move up rather than Stagnate for any length of time in a given vibratory rate, one must remain in present time. hong-tip said, chestnuts easy to Stagnate gas, stomach weak people, post-natal women, children and patients should not eat chestnuts.

14.if the economy continues to Stagnate we could see darker days for art collectors.

15.gdp is forecast to fall sharply in italy and spain, and Stagnate in france and germany.

16.the inductry's been allowed to Stagnate for too long now.

17.economies Stagnate, while policy is aggressive. was that capitalism did not after all suffer from a long-term tendency to Stagnate because of under-consumption.

19.if services Stagnate or contract over the last quarter of the year, a recession is almost certain.

20.lack of reform risks condemning mexico to Stagnate with america.

21.after six hour the talk is Stagnate.

22.accurately and reliably in when move and Stagnate, high efficiency and economic investment.

23.virtually all western economies have seen wages Stagnate or fall in recent years. it said: "the inaction, non-claims that are also Stagnate instead of moving to words and mo have been out from the people. "

25.yet the ecb has permitted nominal gdp and the money supply ( supposedly, the second pillar of its policies) to Stagnate.

26.overall, asia pacific is poised for substantial growth over the next five years, while us growth is expected to Stagnate.

27.i reiterate that we sincerely hope sino-u.s.relations will not Stagnate, but will continue to develop.

28.and allowed the peace process to Stagnate as israeli settlement activity compromised the last chance of a two-state solution in palestine.

29.if you allow your mind to Stagnate, this particular talent will atrophy

30.if you merely repeat the same experiences, you'll Stagnate, and your mental capacity will atrophy.

31.he didn't want to Stagnate in his dull office job until he retired.

32.where the masses are not roused, work will Stagnate.

33.a power shift is also under way in asia as the chinese market continues to boom while markets such as japan Stagnate.

34.the us is also like japan in that, in such circumstances, government deficits rise and government debt starts to pile up, as tax revenues fall or Stagnate and government spending and transfer payments rise.

35."gdp is now forecast to Stagnate around the turn of this year, with some member states, in fact, experiencing a contraction, " said rehn. sales Stagnate, firms will delay paying suppliers for as long as they can.

37.even if catastrophe is avoided, the economy of the eurozone is forecast to Stagnate next year.