Stagnancy Sentence Examples | Use Stagnancy in a sentence china, the development of derivative financial instruments market is still in the state of dropping behind and Stagnancy, no matter developing scale or on the development level, all extremely unbecoming with the chinese development of economy and society.

2.after speedy developing of a few years, the automobile credit market is into Stagnancy.

3.municipal water has an advantage in that it is constantly moving, keeping fresh and avoiding Stagnancy .

4.economy therefore went out of the trouble of Stagnancy from president jimmy carter's age.

5.the second phase, from 1949 to 1976, the centralized development and Stagnancy period for chinese native logo design.

6.and this weakness in competitive power caused an economic Stagnancy in this region.

7.the economic miracle after world war ⅱ and the economic Stagnancy from 90 'sin japan have provided us an ideal research background.

8.withstand high temperatures hold the key to sunshine, but the sun can not walk obediently Stagnancy .

9.neither the theory nor the practice can break through the two separate circles of cities and countryside, which causes serious Stagnancy in the construction of the rural social welfare system.

10.chapter 4, network imbalance, information failure and Stagnancy of innovation.

11.conclusion: among the complex syndrome types, Stagnancy of qi and blood stasis, retention of dampness and stagnation of qi were most common. reasonable partition of interior stack and multithreading synchronization technique, the Stagnancy phenomenon of garbage collection can be reduced. and in java program the execution speed and the real-time character can be improved.

13.lp ( a) and blood stasis type, tg and phlegm Stagnancy type, tc. hdl-c and phlegm and blood stasis type are correlative in the syndrome differentiation;

14.the emergence of jay zhou breaks permanent Stagnancy in the asian music circle and turns over a new page for asian pop music world.

15.objective: to observe the condition of blood rheology and the change of blood-fat in the patients with coronary heart disease of phlegm-Stagnancy-type compared with those without phlegm Stagnancy.

16.invigorating the spleen for eliminating dampness removing Stagnancy decoction for infantile functional constipation: an observation of 36 cases

17.what caused this Stagnancy is an issue for us to ponder over.

18.Stagnancy of qi and blood stasis produce evil heat. excessive heat brings about slough and running sore or ulcer.

19.all these elements not only lead to the long-term Stagnancy of chinese feudal economy, more seriously, but obstruct the civil capital advancing into a self-organized main body of the market. of human extending artificially is called Stagnancy which infringes the law of nature.

21.debate over and the choice of policy for the causes of the long-term Stagnancy of japan's economy

22.from 1949 till now, rural credit cooperatives has undergone four periods: development Stagnancy recovering transformation.

23.the regional economies become more and more unbalanced, which lead directly to insufficiency of industrial development of western china, to the Stagnancy of income, to suffer from lack of effective demand, so that the increase of all the national economies faces serious restriction.

24.being bogged down in Stagnancy or recessions, societies are hoping for more productive and more responsive workforces to haul them out of the quagmire.

25.phlegm Stagnancy type is very closely correlative with mixed angina pectoris; traditional societies, all surplus labor was invested in the reproduction of the hierarchic social structure, resulting in a subsistence-level social material production system and Stagnancy in social development.

27.such as the economy of japan has been Stagnancy in long time.

28.the effectiveness of the treatment in functional dyspepsia for singaporeans with the syndrome of liver-qi Stagnancy and damp retention by applying chinese herbal medicine in soothing the live-qi, removing the dampness and regulating the stomach together with the intervention of psychological treatment number two gives a feeling of calm, joy, and beauty whereas house number one gives a feeling of chaos, depression and Stagnancy. the course of developing chinese futures market, both Stagnancy and flourish on it attribute to the different legal environment of the present from the past.

31.the information service industry of japan has kept its development momentum despite the long-term economic Stagnancy since the 1990s, with its chief operational indices such as business volume coming up and database service witnessing apparent development.

32.because economy Stagnancy induced financial risk and monetary-crisis in 20th century, usa government had strengthened supervising to bank, and establishing deposit insurance system.

33.during the war of resistance against japan, for the purpose of concealing its nature of invading china, the japanese invaders concocted the aggressive theory of chinese social and cultural Stagnancy and chinese cultural outbound destruction. contrast, busan port has experienced constantly increasing numbers of container terminals, Stagnancy of container output and improvement of port service and competitive port cost.

35.the inflation showed the increase of paper money and Stagnancy of market and lost of government credit and the rise of price.

36.the patients who smoke or drink mostly belong to phlegm Stagnancy type and phlegm and blood stasis type.

37.have you been in Stagnancy before and how did you deal with it?