Staggeringly Sentence Examples | Use Staggeringly in a sentence

1.the graduating students are not getting jobs and in turn have started suing the colleges to get back their Staggeringly high tuition costs.

2.his own attitude and approach were Staggeringly akin to those of buddha in meeting the diverse needs of individuals.'s problems are often international in scale and Staggeringly complex in their origins and effects. it had to carry two people at the same time, the donkey gradually stepped breathlessly with great difficulty, with its legs shaking Staggeringly.

5.the principle composes four cmos images taken Staggeringly in half pixel offset in directions of horizontal, vertical and diagonal into a new reconstructed high resolution image.

6.we british, in contrast, are a nation Staggeringly ignorant of our anatomy.

7.the locations were Staggeringly beautiful and i hope you enjoy the film when you see it.

8.yet for company employees this is not an option, no matter how Staggeringly daft the course.

9.for scientists who study the evolution and behavior of viruses, the ebola pathogen is performing true to its vast, ancient and Staggeringly diverse kind.

10.young girls 'self-worth is Staggeringly low, and made lower seemingly every day& a lot of that thanks to society telling them they shouldn't love themselves because they're inadequate in one way or another.

11.a new programme of nuclear power would be Staggeringly expensive.

12.he ought rathertobe remembered for his 47 years of manly toil in senate, where he was a Staggeringly capable legislator.

13.modern society is Staggeringly volatile due to ever-evolving technology. cohen encourages historians to find new tools and methods for mining the "Staggeringly large historical record" of tweets. member of the group has a crank-powered mp3 player, yesterday a conversation piece, today a Staggeringly valuable rarity.

16.indeed, this might explain why even in the poorest places there is some form of money lending despite Staggeringly high interest rates: 1000% a year is not uncommon.

17.that creates a Staggeringly large gap for insurers.

18.these tomes assume the reader already has a working knowledge of the java language and tool set; beginning java books are Staggeringly common and pretty much all of them cover the same basic material.

19.the cost was so Staggeringly high that the client removed the traceability requirement from the contract. people in their 30s and 40s, twitter and all the rest of it feels as if it is a new world, but for youngsters it's not Staggeringly amazing, says trisha jaffe, mr robson's head teacher.

21.many iphone apps are trivial little programs, some are Staggeringly clever, some very useful, a few are simply beautiful.

22.but how, exactly, exercise affects the Staggeringly intricate workings of the brain at a cellular level has remained largely mysterious.