Staggering Sentence Examples | Use Staggering in a sentence you point out in the book, the statistical differences between american and dutch teens when it comes to sex is pretty Staggering.

2.Staggering as it walks; the ostrich looks so delicious with its puffy meat, as if it is born to be eaten.

3.what are you doing fooling with such a Staggering sum of money?

4.the heat is Staggering, as if the weight of the white sky is about to collapse. master will not have on his conscience the Staggering burden of needless bloodshed or of having avenged himself.

6.he might be walking straight up the walls, for all he could tell, or Staggering across the ceilings like a maddened fly.

7.the world's oldest running car has sold at auction for a Staggering$ 4.62 million.

8.her campaign had suffered a Staggering setback.

9.china's Staggering recent economic growth has created an equally Staggering increase in its pollution and emissions problems.

10.nobody can imagine what Staggering pain she suffered in those years.

11.the results from this unit are Staggering.

12.but not so for gracie, whose mother nicole spent a Staggering$ 32,000 on her birthday party.

13.a boy in a dull green padded jacket is walking against the wind, but later, he no longer seems capable of walking without Staggering.

14.Staggering out and running, blinded with dust, he looked back to see a figure sitting by the wreck with blood dripping from his hands.

15.this figure rises to a Staggering 60% of men in their sixties.

16.i find their decision simply Staggering.

17.he was hobbling [ Staggering] along. the mid-term election looms, a Staggering number of americans remain unemployed or underemployed.

19.Staggering moment! mary blushed until the tears stood in her eyes.

20.theft of such a Staggering sum might seem unlikely, but u. s. officials aren't ruling it out.

21.a last-minute cancellation on a rush order for military hardware cost us a Staggering$ 1200.

22.the federal deficit in america is expected to hit a Staggering$ 1.4 trillion this year.

23.i saw a drunk Staggering up the street.

24.'we have noticed Staggering trends,'frank wrote in an e-mail from beijing. got to let someone discover how Staggering you are.

26.that's a Staggering rate of failure.

27.the big bucks chinese spend overseas every year reaches Staggering numbers.

28.he was Staggering and had to lean on the bar.

29.the economic costs of a breakup would be Staggering for creditor and debtor nations.

30.a Staggering 83 percent of continental european respondents claim to have been physically or emotionally bullied.

31.sandel swayed, but did not fall, Staggering back to the ropes and holding on.

32.a handful of people took Staggering risks with america's largest financial institutions. dawn, rikuzentakata began to assess the Staggering human toll. it was one of the worst-hit japanese cities.

34.but last week, investors received an even more Staggering set of numbers.

35.a Staggering number of civilians and prisoners of war were killed, he said.

36.theon was Staggering by the time he reached the foot of the stair. he slung the girl over his shoulder and began to climb.

37.she won the race by a Staggering seven seconds.