Spur Sentence Examples | Use Spur in a sentence

1.his brothers said it was done on the Spur of the moment, but his colleagues at al-baghdadia said he had been planning it for months.

2.the trade pacts will Spur an exodus of us businesses to mexico.

3.but so far it's unclear whether china's central government is ready to roll out consumer incentives to Spur sales of electric cars.

4.central and local governments have offered many preferential policies to Spur investment under the go west strategy.

5.his friend's plight had Spurred him into taking part.

6.if the timing's right, i'm ready to go out with a guy Spur-of-the-moment.

7.lowering barriers will Spur global growth, which benefits all.

8.three itself is a good example of how competition can both Spur and reward fresh thinking.

9.you Spur each other to explore, take risks, and develop new creative outlets.

10.redundancy is the Spur for many to embark on new careers.

11.several strong targets have been set to Spur action and guide the way forward.

12.i do not know, " he said aloud. " i never had a bone Spur.

13.with treasurys yielding only 3%, it's not clear how much more demand the fed will Spur by getting them down to, say, 2. 5%.

14.mr obama's subsidies for green technology fattened the bottom line of a few chosen firms but did very little to Spur jobs.

15.suddenly, i understood that having obligations can act as a Spur and a discipline.

16.this is going to Spur new products and technologies.

17.he must have cooked up his scheme on the Spur of the moment.

18.and that change taught me that letting loose and giving in to a Spur-of-the-moment1 idea is what life is all about.

19.the administration may put more emphasis on Spurring economic growth

20.young conductors earn their Spurs in a small orchestra or opera house.

21.some inequality is good: it is a Spur to enterprise and effort.

22.does liberating women promote economic growth or does economic growth Spur women's liberation?

23.this has forced airlines to discount fares heavily in order to Spur demand

24.on the Spur of the moment, he broke up with his girlfriend.

25.recovery hopes helped Spur buying of shipping and commodity stocks.

26.the Spur of ambition was blunted; he had no vitality with which to feel the prod of it.

27.i phoned him up on the Spur of the moment.

28.this exchange might then Spur on agricultural production.

29.they admitted they had taken a vehicle on the Spur of the moment

30.they may decide to go for a weekend in thailand on the Spur of the moment, and the personal assistant has to make it happen.

31.anna's challenge was a great Spur to me.

32.his impending suicide was premeditated and not a Spur-of-the-moment thing as he'd tried to have himself believe.

33.it's the money that Spurs these fishermen to risk a long ocean journey in their flimsy boats

34.we can develop policies and incentives to Spur entrepreneurship.

35.her coach's encouragement helped Spur heather to run faster and win the race.

36.colonel: ahh. . . it's just not possible poirot. nobody could think all that up all by himself on the Spur of the moment.

37.low taxes and good infrastructure Spur a nation's growth.

38.high levels of bank lending are also believed to have helped Spur demand.

39.Spur gears and helical gears.

40.this report could Spur some buying in corn futures when the market opens today