Sprouting Sentence Examples | Use Sprouting in a sentence

1.what are those small red flowers Sprouting up in the branches?

2.you are like a Sprouting seed!

3.in the same developing time, different temperature affects on Sprouting numbers and dropping numbers of hydra robusta.

4.spring comes again, the warm winds blow the leaves and Sprouting grass.

5.one day, he noticed something Sprouting among the broken bricks and concrete.

6.studies on testing methods of pre-harvest Sprouting of male sterile lines in hybrid rice seed production

7.your hair is sticking up& it looks like you're Sprouting horns!

8.physiological characteristics of pre-harvest Sprouting of hybrid rice in seed production

9.as well as Sprouting a few grey hairs, kevin seems to be suffering the occasional memory loss.

10.effects of zinc treat on new shoot Sprouting and physiological parameter of ligustrum robustum

11.she is very old now, with little, round, wire-rimmed glasses and whiskers Sprouting from her chin

12.donkey: oh, you leave them out in the sun, they get all brown and start Sprouting little white hairs?

13.in order to improve the germination percentage of victoria amazonica seeds, experiments were conducted for the relevant factors which affect the Sprouting of seeds.

14.what are those small yellow and white flowers Sprouting up on the lawn?

15.chances are that if you know about her problems with hair Sprouting out in embarrassing places, then so does she.

16.i say that lying on my pillow and i can feel the horns Sprouting from my temples.

17.they were Sprouting in the heart of winter.

18.with businesses Sprouting up here quickly, and people making money, i knew this was the place we had to be.

19.keep the soil moist while the seeds are Sprouting.

20.pre-harvest Sprouting in wheat significantly reduces end-use quality, seed value and yield.

21.but those genes are not active in most cells, otherwise we would be Sprouting hair all over the liver and nails from the tips of our noses.

22.it was funny because when we said our vows keith had these green ears Sprouting from the top of his head.

23.research on application of haccp in process of Sprouting vegetable production

24.in rodents, this Sprouting can continue for some months after drug taking ceases.

25.besides, the removal of old roots and the Sprouting of buds boost the growth of bamboos.

26.the damp corn is Sprouting shoots.

27.effects of different spectra on growth and nutritious quality of radish Sprouting seedlings

28.this will allow grass blades to shade the ground, and will help prevent crabgrass from Sprouting.

29.every crevice was Sprouting grass and even small wildflowers.

30.he thought he had lung cancer, but x-rays revealed that it was a plant Sprouting inside his windpipe.

31.tripoli, libya's capital, is Sprouting fancy new hotels, as well as a new airport, to welcome an influx of would-be investors and tourists.

32.as i took a deep breath 'i saw' as if electrical volts were Sprouting from my head and they were of all different colours.

33.a light wind blows, not strong enough to tousle the stiff green hair Sprouting from his head like dry grass.

34.study on the young ear differentiation character and the technology of Sprouting for ratooning rice

35.half a foot taller than jon, the braavosi sported a beard as thin as a rope Sprouting from his chin and reaching almost to his waist.

36.detection method and analysis of pre-harvest Sprouting resistance in wheat ril population

37.Sprouting from their backs are a pair of huge feathered wings.

38.you will see new growth Sprouting in the spring, even if the plant seems dead at the moment.

39.the Sprouting ability of3 flowering shrub species, syringa oblate, forsythia suspense and prunus triloba were studied.

40.jessica karjala discovered she had pos after being alerted to the fact that a sudden facial Sprouting can be a symptom of the disease.