Sprite Sentence Examples | Use Sprite in a sentence

1.hey, you think i could get that Sprite, sean?

2.yes. i have a can of Sprite almost every day.

3.we have coke, diet coke, Sprite, root beer, and lemonade.

4.if that will be your married look , i , as a christian , will soon give up the notion of consorting with a mere Sprite or salamander.

5.so i drank Sprite instead.

6.the little girl is so lovely that i call her a Sprite.

7.anything for drink? i have tea and Sprite.

8.coke, Sprite, pepsi, and iced tea.

9.who knows, this time to smoke just a little Sprite of this madness .

10.arranging the images in the Sprite horizontally as opposed to vertically usually results in a smaller file size.

11.they also provide mineral water, coke and Sprite in the room.

12.once upon a time there was a wicked Sprite, indeed he was the most mischievous of all Sprites.

13.known as a Sprite, this lightning appears in the sky often in the shape of a huge carrot or jellyfish in groups of two or more.

14.a house without woman and firelight, is like a body without soul or Sprite.

15.i smiled, a little Sprite of this really bold, it seems not easy to win away this bureau i wanted to learn to like a blow to me.

16.the code in listing 1 is a class that extends the Sprite class.

17.which do you like best, coca cola, Sprite, or fanta?

18.and the Sprite rising stars slam dunk contest, to see which player dunks the ball in the most entertaining way.

19.you cannot reasonably tell a child he is allowed only one soda a week if you keep two-liter bottles of coke and Sprite in the refrigerator.

20.give me a big bag and a two-liter of diet Sprite.

21.one pepsi and the other a Sprite please.

22.listing 1 shows the instantiation of the runner Sprite with these three behaviors.

23.the second level of particles is created using particular with a custom designed Sprite, and is meant to look like a microscopic organism.

24.a mischievous Sprite in english folklore. the hero in this fairy story is an ugly goblin.

25.one pepsi and the other a Sprite, please.

26.i'd like the barbecued sandwich and a large Sprite.

27.sometimes this beautiful girl can is a disheveled little Sprite.

28.listing 14 shows how snail bait uses a Sprite animator to make the runner explode.

29.i like Sprite better than beer.

30.three bottles of beer and three bottles of Sprite for each table, please.

31.they showed that Sprite seemed to control stomach acidity in a way likely to allow greater absorption of the drug into the body.

32.with the color parameter you can also recolor a Sprite, but for now this is not important.

33.who knows, this time to smoke just a little Sprite of this madness.

34.a bottle of cola or Sprite.

35.you've implemented Sprites and Sprite behaviors.

36.every class in flex that extends from the base class Sprite, has an embedded graphics object in it.

37.this graphics object can be used to do vector drawing on the Sprite.

38.here's the salad, and i'm gonna run and get Sprite for everyone.

39.in this sample demo we would like to see a simple scene with a draggable Sprite and a label with a simple message in it.