Sprinkling Sentence Examples | Use Sprinkling in a sentence

1.the elements exist for less than one second before falling apart, so the total accumulation is "a Sprinkling, " he said.

2.the scenes with you, like snowflakes Sprinkling down in my heart, leans between, also swirl carved apart. i do not know is pleased or sad.

3.norway has a fair Sprinkling of women ministers.

4.experiment and analysis on water distribution uniformity of machine of Sprinkling irrigation and hose irrigation dual purpose cylinder canal-jet dyer

5.Sprinkling water into our eyes, or taking a run round the verandahs, were palliatives which had no lasting effect.

6.try Sprinkling a little garlic powder on the food to increase palatability and aroma.

7."it's o. k. , it's o. k. , " papa says, looking around and Sprinkling the holy water, as if he has come to console the ghosts, not us.

8.such as water Sprinkling of moonlight on my bed, my father seemed to see through my mind, silence for a long time, him against the bed, lit a cigarette.

9.it was still shaggy with blackened stubble, while a Sprinkling of almond trees and a few aged olive trunks were to be seen here and there.

10.Sprinkling water means washing off the filth on the body, eliminating the disaster and getting happiness.

11.water conservation irrigation which is combined Sprinkling irrigation, subirrigation etc.

12.suck the stink-worsening moisture out of canvas shoes by Sprinkling a little salt inside them and then wiping it out.

13.i did attend the ash Sprinkling held at the family summer home.

14.there are five methods of applying irrigation water to fields-flooding, furrow irrigation, Sprinkling, sub-irrigation, and trickle irrigation.

15.hurry up! it is Sprinkling now.

16.a shaker with a perforated top for Sprinkling ground pepper.

17.design of the virescence Sprinkling system for the mining ground based on plc

18.a shaker with a perforated top for Sprinkling salt.

19.all you need is a shortcrust pastry, a well made egg custard, and a Sprinkling of nutmeg.

20.some unknown flowers, one here, where a cluster on the Sprinkling in the ridge.

21.there was a Sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks.

22.a few minutes later, the rabbi looked out and saw the priest Sprinkling water on their new car.

23.research of automatic Sprinkling water control system before shooting of coal mine

24.spray irrigation Sprinkling water over land to be used for crops. often used to dispose of wastewater from sewage treatment plants.

25.theory and precise Sprinkling irrigation for the complete fluidic sprinkler

26.we saw a huge vehicle Sprinkling water on the street.

27.reliability design and analysis of Sprinkling pump control system

28.you should eat baby vegetables just as they are, with a splash of good olive oil and a Sprinkling of salt.

29.imported american pump is adopted in medicine Sprinkling system;

30.they were leaving icons and Sprinkling holy water.

31.he also made the pots and shovels and Sprinkling bowls.

32.a short-handled device with a globe containing a sponge; used for Sprinkling holy water.

33.the machine has Sprinkling irrigation and hose irrigation system, and can satisfy different farm crops in different growth time at the request of water.

34.the act of Sprinkling water in baptism ( rare).

35.the commander of the imperial guard took away the censers and Sprinkling bowls-all that were made of pure gold or silver.

36.it's time to design and realize the timing Sprinkling irrigation system under temperature control for the first time.

37.its eyes were beginning to dull, as the owner squatted next to it, Sprinkling water into its mouth, as if it were possible to revive it.

38.she is Sprinkling water on the dusty path.

39.she made a big performance of Sprinkling all the spices on.

40.the micro-nozzle can be used for Sprinkling in yard or small garden.