Sponge Sentence Examples | Use Sponge in a sentence

1.the family took only Sponge bath because they had no bathtub.

2.she is a Sponge that is soaked.

3.he wiped off the table with a Sponge.

4.why did you chuck up the Sponge when you were so near to winning?

5.lu xun's grandfather once said: "time like a Sponge the water, as long as willing to squeeze, the total is still there. "

6.the puppets here are made of various colors of Sponge, cut and assembled. they look just lovely and i was almost about to bring some home.

7.use a glycerine soap and Sponge and move in one direction toward your heart.

8.the absorbed water expanded the Sponge.

9.we could use a Sponge, a towel or a mop.

10.if man's mind cannot be turned into a logic-machine, neither can it function properly as a great emotional Sponge, to be squeezed at will.

11.the structure and mechanical properties of silica Sponge spicule found in china bo-hai were studied.

12.eva, pet, Sponge rubber, red type, paste, and processing.

13.the brain is acting a bit like a Sponge; it can soak up new information and change to make room for it, a concept known as plasticity.

14.it's so nice to Sponge myself down in a hot bath, it makes me feel so much more comfortable.

15.and ground explosions would use water detonations for a while, so it felt like you were fighting on a giant Sponge.

16.it was like trying to mop up a lake with a bath Sponge.

17.who gave us the Sponge to wipe away the entire horizon?

18.light stains can be removed with a Sponge damped in water or a mild soapy solution, or with a fine sandpaper.

19.the proportion of fat to flour is different in pastry and Sponge.

20.i made a Sponge for my party.

21.i like to use a Sponge.

22.i'll need a Sponge on a stick.

23.during the drought the family had only Sponge bath.

24.neil: a Sponge soaks up the water all around it a Sponger soaks up gifts, food and money without working.

25.cover the base with a single layer of Sponge fingers.

26.a Sponge is extremely thick and soft, lying in the middle of it as if buried by it.

27.it makes a superb filling for cakes and Sponges.

28.the processing technique of composite beverage of Sponge gourd and bitter gourd was experimented.

29.this is an option-value problem: every Sponge or bottle consumed is one that cannot be used later.

30.fill a bowl with water and gently Sponge your face and body.

31.Sponge up the milk on the table.

32.resembling a Sponge in having soft texture and compressibility.

33.sandwich the two halves of the Sponge together with cream

34.i have found a head of Sponge!

35.you need the cleanser, a Sponge and a paper towel for the mirror.

36.i need a new Sponge too.

37.a Sponge absorbs water.