Spluttering Sentence Examples | Use Spluttering in a sentence

1.the reduction in coal burning is good news for an environment, but a further indication of a Spluttering economy.

2.people thought the Spluttering sound could help drive away evil spirits.

3.inadvertently, provoke hair with his hand, give rise to cracking and Spluttering noise.

4.for weeks data on the american economy had been patchy, indicating a Spluttering recovery.

5.investors, however, need to be careful before bracketing centrally controlled china with a Spluttering us.

6.the utility model can be widely applied to the technical field of magnetic control Spluttering coating.

7.said the monkey, Spluttering and spitting out water.

8.how bright and welcome the sun looked as he rose to the water surface coughing and Spluttering!

9.even germany's export engine is Spluttering: shipments fell in february and again in march.

10.once this might have had official france Spluttering with indignation.