Specialization Sentence Examples | Use Specialization in a sentence

1.the research and realized on the Specialization and intelligence of information retrieval system

2.now is the age of Specialization.

3.it will continue on this path driven by globalization and Specialization.

4.the professional spirit is the basic point of the teachers Specialization among the contents of the teachers Specialization development.

5.in a technical sense, xml is a simplification and Specialization of sgml.

6.having experienced or undergone dedifferentiation or the loss of Specialization in form or function.

7.all employees engage in sales, operations, and finance, with no Specialization.

8.after nearly two years of Specialization, jmatter is surprisingly robust, and its features easily rival rails and streamlined.

9.the performance characteristics of university teachers are Specialization, accumulation, risk, team, ability normal distribution.

10.combining the Specialization of the teachers, it introduces the construction of course group.

11.i think we've entered an age of Specialization.

12.the field of public health offers many opportunities for professional Specialization.

13.goat producing tend to moderate size and Specialization.

14.our company is committed to technology, industrialization, commercialization and enterprise Specialization and modernization.

15.the results showed that domestic-funded enterprises did not gain significant technology spillover effect from vertical Specialization.

16.work Specialization is necessary as jobs become more complex and it also increases efficiency.

17.needless to say, even in this age of Specialization, the work of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers frequently overlaps.

18.with the development of manufacturing and technology, there arose another incentive for trade, i.e.international Specialization.

19.identifying a company or organization's competitive advantage and sustaining it is at the heart of this mba Specialization.

20.this field offers many opportunities for professional Specialization.

21.( biology) exhibiting biological Specialization; adapted during development to a specific function or environment.

22.innovations in technology and business practices led to Specialization of function for both labor and management.

23.but we also want flow to change, Specialization the task that finish, because this is our job.

24.the main areas of Specialization of forensic accounting include fraud investigation and litigation support.

25.just as you may despise charles for his overburden of apparatus, you perhaps despise him for his lack of Specialization.

26.he said that "self interest, Specialization and trade" were the correct answers to the question, "how should people best work together? "

27.a topic, a subject, or an area of academic interest or Specialization.

28.from the trend of china's e-commerce must depth, Specialization, international, regional development.

29.our tenet is Specialization, zeal and high efficiency.

30.the Specialization of mathematic teachers is crucial component of the process.

31.the Specialization and investment behavior of human resources eventually influence the economic growth in the long run.

32.the last two years of an engineering program include subjects within the student's field of Specialization.

33.in college it's appropriate to think about Specialization.

34.but Specialization was only one of a series of related developments in science affecting the process of communication.

35.therefore, a new element is always associated to its base, or to any element in its Specialization sequence.

36.after you include the attributes in your documents, they are ready to be processed by Specialization-aware transforms.

37.our company owns excellent management team and Specialization technologies troops.

38.venture capital possesses the characteristics of high-hazard, comprehensiveness, long-term, benefit and Specialization.

39.inheritance, in particular , can only be understood fully if we look at it as providing both module extension and type Specialization.

40.it has primary formed the production Specialization, products serialization, market standardization, scientific management.