Southeastward Sentence Examples | Use Southeastward in a sentence

1.if we sail in a Southeastward direction we'll reach land.

2.the huanghai sea cold water extends Southeastward.

3.the linear trends of global warming seems to play a certain role for el nino onset except the asian continent high increasing and aleutian low decreasing and shifting Southeastward. the area of altai, xinjiang, moving directions of sand dunes are complex: in the half year from apr. to sep. sand dunes on the both sides of western ertix river, and between the ertix river and ulungur river move eastward and Southeastward.

5.results show that the precipitation process is caused by a moved Southeastward and well-developed tropical mesoscale cyclone.

6.climatic boundary changed Southeastward while land use boundary changed north westwards, and their changing directions were reverse.

7.trying to explain the puzzling section in peacocks flying Southeastward

8.the earth began to sink Southeastward and so did rivers.

9.with reference to a group of stable stations with small relative movement in the eastern part of china, the northeastern china block moved northward for about 10 mm, the southeastern china block moved Southeastward for about 9 mm.

10.interpretation of the ancient through the ancient, understanding human beings and reflecting on society& theme review of peacock flying Southeastward

11.the river flows Southeastward to the gulf.

12.departing from beijing, along the jing-jin-tang expressway Southeastward about 20km, you will arrive at langfang city. winter the isotherms extend westward and northward to the bohai sea from the warm core of the bohai straits and the cold water tongue off the qinhuangdao spreads Southeastward out, so the saddle-like isotherm pattern is formed in the middle bohai sea. flows Southeastward for120 mi ( 193 km) and passes the iraqi port of basra and the iranian port of abadan before emptying into the persian gulf.

15.the riverway cuts across the Southeastward ranges of the qilian shan, thus forms a terrain where gorges alternating with mountains.

16.the longest river in the united states; arises in montana and flows Southeastward to become a tributary of the mississippi at saint louis.

17.fujian coastal area exhibits consistent Southeastward movement relative to the eurasia plate and the motion direction is consistent with the nw-trending fault zones and the principal compressive stress in this area.

18.arises in montana and flows Southeastward to become a tributary of the mississippi at saint louis.

19.the eastward or Southeastward mantle flow resulting from the collision of indiaeurasia probably pushed rollback of slabs east and southeast to east asian continent, further causing back arc spreading.

20.the results showed that in winter the mean sea temperature within the depth of thermocline was low in the northwestern waters of nansha islands sea area and rised slowly Southeastward, which seems to be driven by the northeast monsoon.

21.the stress field from large scale of mantle convection is consistent with the Southeastward rift of the eurasian plate and the northwestward spread of the pacific plate.

22.fujian region exhibits a consistent Southeastward movement: the average velocity before the earthquake ( the first time interval) was 32.1 mm/ a; important social ethical issue was raised in peacock flying Southeastward: how should a mother-in-law treat her daughter-in-law and how should an older brother treat his young orphan brothers and sisters.