Souter Sentence Examples | Use Souter in a sentence bush had been assured that mr Souter was a staunch conservative; he proved to be anything but.

2.justice Souter, appointed by president george bush in 1990, has also steadily supported this curtailed right to abortion.

3.Souter was considered a moderate who often sided with the more liberal justices.

4.david Souter had so many judicial virtues that it may seem peevish to question his legacy.

5.outraged property-rights sticklers proposed to have mr Souter's home bulldozed and replaced with a hotel.

6.but, he is already getting a lot of advice from members of congress about a possible replacement for retiring justice david Souter.

7.granted, george bush senior did not know david Souter personally, whereas mr obama knows ms kagan very well.

8.when the supreme court ends its october term, justice david Souter, according to those who are privy to his plans, is going to retire.

9.there are five justices older than Souter's 69 years, some of whom may consider retirement in the next few years. of george bush senior's appointees, david Souter, is one of the most reliable liberal votes on the bench.

11.Souter has been a reliably liberal vote on the court.

12.justice Souter's own career illustrates the point. bush senior did not know david Souter personally.