Sorrowful Sentence Examples | Use Sorrowful in a sentence

1.yan was more Sorrowful because she must say something against her own willings with a prideful smile presented on her face. cinematography, compelling acting, and a story that leaves the viewer both Sorrowful and angry, are a strong combination.

3.even in laughter the heart is Sorrowful;

4.a Sorrowful smile passed over his face;

5.she had these huge, brown, Sorrowful eyes.

6.roaming around whirly world rough breath in dark cruel blades and tears in Sorrowful days.

7.there's a Sorrowful last act for a desperate man.

8.were you going to go? no, it's enough to drive me crazy, girl, when the flute was intonating a Sorrowful poem about you and me.

9.the thompsons sat there with their eyes down and their faces Sorrowful, as if they were at a funeral. heaven and long, Sorrowful and tears down alone!

11.Sorrowful however insert attentive the dagger, drawing out down to person, splashes others with blood all over the body also only.

12.who can comfort me in all these Sorrowful times?

13.but when the young man heard that saying, he went away Sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

14.sad music through our soul, in the Sorrowful melody in order to feel vibrations of the soul.

15.she smiled at a Sorrowful stranger, the smile seemed to make him feel better.

16.that's a pity!'said biddy, shaking her head with a Sorrowful air. wonder the bible says that he went away Sorrowful.

18.people feel Sorrowful over his death. might feel Sorrowful when hearing only the words of praise, because you cannot hear any truth.

20.when i'm thinking of her, i get depressed and Sorrowful with tears in my eyes. he remained the whole night, feeling very tired and Sorrowful.

22.but he had no part in its Sorrowful expression.

23.such a sight makes him feel dreary and Sorrowful.

24.and when he heard this, he was very Sorrowful: for he was very rich.

25.the idol cloud, i always like this thought that like this said that now actually thought somewhat has hesitated, i should offer me to him Sorrowful and the respect.

26.his father's face looked suddenly soft and Sorrowful

27.we heard a Sorrowful love song.

28.xiao tian went to the tv to cover the screen, as if he is the most Sorrowful program in the world. he said slowly: "the dog --- has run---"

29.roy told his Sorrowful tale with simple words anybody could understand. long as the youth in, i cannot be Sorrowful, even though the dark night invades the world, the sun also may come back. models on that poems can complain, and gives a Sorrowful but beautiful structural analysis for it.

32.and taking peter and the two sons of zebedee aside, he began to be Sorrowful and deeply distressed. is also being laughing at my acracholia, Sorrowful wait for in rain.

34.sometimes, i really doubt if there is a joyful feeling and Sorrowful feeling in the world.

35.i will not longer be Sorrowful and grieved; i will be a happy and joyful being.

36.'cried alice in a Sorrowful tone,' i'm afraid i've offended it again!

37.asked he, with a more Sorrowful than angry tone.

38.give thy son his way, and he shall make thee afraid: play with him, and he shall make thee Sorrowful.

39.different from those Sorrowful lovers, ye qing is like a happy bird flying in and out of her dormitory.

40.also was precisely through this model, cervantes harbors the Sorrowful mood to announce the fideism end.