Snivel Sentence Examples | Use Snivel in a sentence

1.instead of, constantly see, uneasy, one phone call, quarrel, dormitory is Snivel.

2.but when the half-moon was made, the little boy perceived that there was hardly any cake left, and he again began to Snivel.

3.i now and they also contact little and not forget, but i don't know and what they say, every time and call them, i almost always Snivel.

4.i have a soar throat, cough and Snivel and also a little headache. don't want your co-workers to Snivel about how you'don't need the money'every time your boss wants to give you a bonus.

6.just finished introduce, manager hurried up to Snivel with noise, i want to laugh but try my best to stop myself.

7.put your handkerchief away& don't Snivel before me.

8.don't Snivel, mrs hudson. it'll do nothing to impede the flight of a bullet. what a tender world that would be.

9.oh, all right, all right, let mama clean your "big" Snivel.

10.billy started to Snivel. his mother smacked his hand.

11.they started to Snivel, and after that, to cry.

12.if we do not pay attention to add clothes, cold attacks will Snivel, sneezing, even all pain had a high fever.

13.then he fell forward onto his face and i let him Snivel for a while before i pulled him up and onto his feet.

14."you don't want your co-workers to Snivel about how you 'don't need the money' every time your boss wants to give you a bonus. "

15.boring physics knowledge by perceptual out, a lot of girls immediately moved to Snivel tears.

16.the method of histopathological grades was employed to assess. results: this therapy surely had an apparent and instant effect on those with rhinitis, characterized by intermittent sneeze and liquid Snivel, with a total effective rate of 88 7%.