Sneezing Sentence Examples | Use Sneezing in a sentence

1.although many superstitions associate Sneezing with danger or even death, Sneezing is just a natural reflex, much like itching and tearing.

2.she said it's quite common for women to leak small amounts of urine while laughing or Sneezing, but that's not what was studied here.

3.a chemical substance that causes Sneezing and coughing and crying. seems as if you've had a cold and runny nose, Sneezing all the time.

5.i've been Sneezing, coughing and my nose hasn't stop running.

6.i've got a headache, a sore throat and i'm coughing and Sneezing constantly.

7.Sneezing and coughing of the common cold.

8.he has a cold, and can't stop Sneezing.

9.if you are stuffy or have a runny nose, Sneezing, and sore throat, then you have classic cold symptoms.

10.see your doctor now to beat summer Sneezing.'s not someone Sneezing or coughing in your face. it's them contaminating a phone.

12.there is at least one useful truth to be found among all these Sneezing myths: once you do it there's no turning back.! you're like a Sneezing machine.

14.or live well! some countries have special Sneezing responses for children.

15.these gases can also act as sensory irritants to produce tears or Sneezing.

16.he had a hearty fit of Sneezing, and looked around upon me with a rather silly smile.

17.which may be some comfort next time someone's Sneezing near you on the subway.

18.both of us had a habit of Sneezing in bright sunlight and of drawing ketchup out of its bottle with a knife.

19.last night i started Sneezing and i have been constantly coughing.

20.have you been coughing and Sneezing?

21.pain is increased by coughing, Sneezing, or bending the neck forward. think it's bad when a warm spring day throws you into a Sneezing fit?

23.( as for pet dander and allergies Sneezing and wheezing are not great sleep enhancers.)

24.covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or Sneezing.

25.ann had a cold and was Sneezing and coughing.

26.with all that dust about, he couldn't stop Sneezing.

27.if you are coughing and Sneezing, as with a cold forget it and get some sleep.

28.the common cold generally involves a runny nose, nasal congestion, and Sneezing.

29.his popularity reached celebrity status when a youtube video of him Sneezing was published.

30.infections are spread by coughing, spitting, and Sneezing.

31.parent: my child is coughing, Sneezing and has a running nose.

32.first up, coughing, Sneezing , fever, running nose, there is nothing unusual about that staff this time a year.

33.on board, uncomfortable, disappointed, and Sneezing, i only wanted to go home.

34."oh, it was because he secretly think you ah, you could not just Sneezing . " telephone character of the early giggle laughed. eyes feel itchy and i have been Sneezing.

36.they all had colds and were sniffing and Sneezing.

37.people have been Sneezing in the front row.

38.i can '; t stop Sneezing.

39.if you are cooped up in an office with someone who is coughing and Sneezing then you may get a cold too.

40.the common cold is quite contagious-be sure to wash your hands after Sneezing and coughing.