Smalls Sentence Examples | Use Smalls in a sentence

1.before 1970, Smalls already had a string of high-profile robberies to his name, and was a respected figure in the london underworld.

2.bertie Smalls was an english armed robber who was active in the 1960s and 70s; a time considered the golden age of british armed robbery.

3.practice shows that the so-called "three Smalls" construction technology is an effective way for improving drifting efficiency and ensuring the quality of works. don't need to take huge steps, just Smalls.

5.mother raised hand suddenly and pushed her over, flew into a rage: "get out! you olds and Smalls, no good at all! "

6.look around europe and it is the Smalls that have fared worst iceland, ireland, the three baltic states.

7.this is my fish. that's biggie Smalls.

8.holt traveled to norfolk and interviewed hess, who eventually admitted to holt that she had killed Smalls.

9.let me see if i have any Smalls. in10 people wear their underwear for three days in a row, a peep into the nation's Smalls has revealed.

11.all- Smalls is only slightly less annoying, as it's difficult to read.

12.marlena Smalls and the hallelujah singers will touch all us listeners with their heartfelt oral tradition through the magic of music.

13.well, in view of the fact that you all get to go to this party tonight and i get to stay in the yurt, that Smalls like rancid yak butter, none taken.

14.Smalls committed his first robbery when he was 15, and, after being imprisoned for a short while, committed his life to crime.

15.have you got any Smalls that need washing?

16.yet the Smalls will resist, making it hard for any interim government to get a new electoral law passed.

17.the police made an early breakthrough, with an informant naming Smalls as the leader of the gang.

18.the influence of coarse coal slime on coal Smalls jigging washing system and the method to deal with it

19.however many local students, for whom the scheme was optional, would have to try their luck in a Smalls claims tribunal.

20.leaving Smalls dead on the side of the highway, johnson fled in one direction, harbert and hess in another. all were quickly caught.

21.Smalls: that's my business. i'm a tracker.