Smallpox Sentence Examples | Use Smallpox in a sentence

1.jimmy caught cowpox and soon got better, but later when he came near people who had Smallpox he did not catch it, though other people die.

2.had he fallen victim to Smallpox?

3.commercially available vaccines against chickenpox, polio and Smallpox are produced in this way. was a kind of cesspit constantly seething with Smallpox and bubonic plague.

5.with the global eradication of Smallpox, vaccination stopped and quarantine measures were no longer needed.

6.the committee will continue to monitor the safety of Smallpox vaccines.

7.Smallpox has almost been eradicated.

8.only Smallpox has been eradicated.

9.whether it's the bubonic plague, Smallpox or aids.

10.Smallpox will leave pockmarks on the face.

11.vaccination has made Smallpox a very rare disease.

12.marked by or as if by Smallpox or acne or other eruptive skin disease.

13.he was inoculated against Smallpox.

14.anyone who dislikes pain, prefers their operations under anaesthetic, and has no wish to die of Smallpox, might well choose to live now. attack of Smallpox, when he was three, crippled his hands and weakened his eyes.

16.he gave money to the world health organisation to help defeat Smallpox

17.but when was the last time you worried about Smallpox, a disease that killed half a billion people last century and no longer is with us?

18.the doctors have eradicated Smallpox from this place.

19.millions of doses of antibiotics and Smallpox vaccine have been stockpiled to guard against biological weapons.

20.the children were all vaccinated against Smallpox.

21.Smallpox was eradicated from the world through a campaign coordinated by the world health organization ( who).

22.for instance, if someone had not worked on, and prioritised the Smallpox vaccine, all of us would probably all have had it.

23.he was taken with cold [ Smallpox, insomnia, a serious illness].

24.before the coming of chiang's government, there had not been a case of Smallpox in the island for over fifteen years.

25.once we've had Smallpox, we can forget about ever having caught it;

26.Smallpox only infected humans -- it was easy to recognize, and there was only one strain of it -- so a vaccine was easily producible. had not been for dr. li, he would have died of Smallpox.

28.Smallpox was once considered incurable. was the next easiest disease to eradicate, but it was so much more complicated than Smallpox.

30.have you been inoculated against Smallpox, diphtheria? child was vaccinated against Smallpox.

32.Smallpox, rampant for centuries, has finally been eliminated. date, public health has eradicated only one disease – Smallpox.

34.the world health assembly also noted a report which detailed several recommendations for research on the Smallpox virus., too, do deaths from pneumonia and Smallpox.

36.epidemic diseases such as Smallpox, bubonic plague, and malaria were declared things of the past.

37.the Smallpox vaccine has saved many lives. far, Smallpox is the only human infectious disease eradication.

39.his face slightly marked with the Smallpox.

40.a new outbreak of Smallpox occurred in 1928.