Smallness Sentence Examples | Use Smallness in a sentence

1.their Smallness reflects the dominance of the gps vector observations in the combination solution., having one large, interesting conversation piece tends to take the focus off the Smallness of your space, because it's unexpected.

3.well, they were honest eyes, he concluded, and in them was neither Smallness nor meanness.

4.Smallness and openness are sources of vulnerability, and the associated risks have to be properly managed by the authorities.

5.within you is the heart to fell compassion as well as the Smallness to be arrogant.

6.the so-called bigness and Smallness, strength and weakness often depend on people's sense and habits.

7.the next really important thing is the Smallness of judea.

8.a word that is formed with a suffix ( such as-let or-kin) to indicate Smallness.

9.we realize our own weakness, our Smallness, our mortality.

10.due to the liabilities of newness and Smallness, entrepreneurial firms usually fail to procure desired resources from formal and ritualized channels like more established corporations.

11.those in the group fixed by bone cement are more than the group fixed by biological method, the lost amount of stress relaxation and creep were Smallness and in favor of stabilize. are trying to return to the other person their greatness, instead of focusing on their Smallness.

13.the authority of his voice is undermined by the Smallness of his build.

14.because only you have arrived at there and enjoyed it, you can touch the magic of the creation, the broadness of the earth and Smallness of us.

15.should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, Smallness or in securities, remember, things could be worse.

16.when these poor creatures grow to be men, the millstones of the social order meet them and crush them, but so long as they are children, they escape because of their Smallness.

17.but the Smallness of the exception made the mystery.

18.the fundamental task is to achieve Smallness within large organisations

19.i was surprised at the Smallness of his house.

20.during the anti-japanese war, the military industry personnel of the base of jin-ji-yu had a difficult development from Smallness, simple to bigness and complexity.

21.debate continues as to whether the Smallness of the number demonstrates that railways were not important to us economic development, or just the silliness of attempting that type of calculation at all; i incline towards the latter view.

22.with Smallness of laser beam, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process.

23.the advantages: simple structure, Smallness and skillfulness and high sensitivity.

24.i think this sense of my own Smallness is the best i have had to offer at this and many subsequent deathbeds.

25.the chief proof of a man's real greatness lie in his perception of his own Smallness.

26.their courage is evident, but so is their Smallness in the face of a vast and complex authoritarian system.

27.the more we globetrot, the more aware we are of the Smallness of the world.

28.through johnson people's hard work and the support of all the customers, our company has grown from nothing to something, from Smallness to bigness. is not the greatness of a man's means that makes him independent, so much as the Smallness of his wants.

30."and finally, she is great in her Smallness, " he said. "she is tiny, but her longing to go out to see the world is wonderful. "

31.moreover, they had no understanding of their own weaknesses ( i.e., lack of experience and Smallness of forces).

32.stamford generators boasts its Smallness, lightness, advanced technology and reliability. has strong anti-interference capability, Smallness current fluctuate.

34.the chief proof of a man's real greatness lies in his perception of his own Smallness.

35.excessive clearance will influence perforating effect while over Smallness may lead to engineering accident easily.

36.Smallness brings its own challenges and vulnerabilities.