Smallish Sentence Examples | Use Smallish in a sentence

1.we already faintly conscious of the fact that this is a Smallish island country.

2.this could be a Smallish group of technical experts who control the flow of information and the decision-making process.

3.those Smallish deals are likely to continue as the likes of viacom try to strengthen their internet platforms and google and yahoo continue broadening their positions.

4.for the third kind which is from weathered coal before high-temp. exothermal effect there is also one Smallish mid-temp. exothermal effect, average is 2.0~ 2.3 kcal/ g.

5.his party is germany's most forthright defender of free enterprise and a Smallish state. customer, a few developers, and a Smallish app is all you need. such is that if a star has one Smallish planet it is quite likely to have several more. examples below work with Smallish arrays, because it is easier to illustrate with them. ( while this point is perhaps obvious, it is worth mentioning explicitly.) favorite approach is to find an organic, healthy-looking head and, after washing, to cut it into Smallish pieces and coat with olive oil and salt.

10.for instance, bryant demanded the ball in the low post when the new orleans hornets put Smallish guard bobby jackson on him wednesday.

11.the pool is Smallish and more crowded than most.

12.beyond the fact that it happened, and some Smallish business deals, there was little concrete to show for the summit.

13.this Smallish green has a couple of challenging pin positions, should you need to know when to attack and when to play swart and safe.

14.he appeared to live a bourgeois life. his studio was a Smallish upstairs bedroom; it didn't even have an easel.

15.he was a Smallish, greying man, with a wrinkly face. get started, select a Smallish brush with 100% hardness and start to paint over the duplicated layer with it.

17.some Smallish firms may close

18.the surge that helped secure baghdad was carried out in a Smallish, densely populated area.

19.guidebooks pack a lot of useful information into a small ( or Smallish) package. you can learn about history, hotels, outdoor activities and more without visiting a dozen websites.

20.over a long period of time, though, even a Smallish difference in compile times adds up.

21.Smallish american tree with velvety branchlets and lower leaf surfaces. was sort of a Smallish bus, but nevertheless it did knock me off my bicycle as i was cruising down the shoulderless road. i got tossed into a cement irrigation ditch. any white zimbabwean, let alone a foreign firm, is liable to be prevented from wholly owning any Smallish enterprise or farm.

24.rooms Smallish but survivable for a short stay. nice bathroom, although we had no soap for some reason.

25.he was Smallish but well-built, with an open, sunburnt face, and bright, amused eyes.