Small Sentence Examples | Use Small in a sentence

1.the window was far too Small for him to get through

2.stick them on using a Small amount of glue.

3.she made a Small casket with paper board.

4.he believes this to be a relatively Small problem.

5.tool companies here are generally Small.

6.he felt the apartment's only drawback was that it was too Small.

7.i was sick a month soon, and then, i moved out of that Small window of the temporary, to learn how to stand up in the face of their own.

8.when your children misbehave tell them without making them feel Small.

9.there was a Small release of radioactive steam at three mile island in 1979, and there have also been a few releases at fukushima daiichi.

10.they took him into a Small room and i followed.

11.scientists concluded that such a Small ratio was considered good for a woman's health and resulted in high fertility.

12.the neckband is too Small.

13.they will be on fourth street again with you, in two Small stakes and was not one to let you draw more expensive. part of her dowry, a woman would make several pairs of shoes as proof of her needlework ability, as well as her Small feet.

15.these shoes are two sizes too Small.

16.she is Small for her age

17.i was led to a Small room bathed in soft red light

18.i was wearing false eyelashes and a sweater two sizes too Small.

19.what were you like when you were Small?

20.with a very Small example such as this one, the index can be close to as big as the example as if there were no duplicated words. your hands on the Small of your back and breathe in.

22.this device has the features of easy to operate, low cost and Small error. measurements show that the device is stable and practicable.

23.i have a wife and two Small children

24.i was delayed by one or two Small matters, and then, when i was ready to go, winter arrived and traveling became impossible. detail was too Small to escape her attention

26.he was accused of stealing a Small boy's bicycle

27.i have a distant relative in this Small town.

28.the door was sticking out of the back of a Small head, ancient spirit demon watching liu qing.

29.'i'm scared,' she said in a very Small voice. door to the garage is a Small orchard area's quite easy to make quite Small changes to the way that you work

32.this may just be another of her schemes to make me look Small

33.downstairs are two Small rooms: a kitchen and a sitting room

34.this hat is too Small for me.

35.guns continued to be produced in Small numbers.

36.eleanor moved into a Small furnished apartment.

37.a Small group of students meets regularly to learn japanese

38.i was banished to the Small bedroom upstairs

39.allen ezail iverson, bron in 1975, was one of the top scores in the national basketball association(nba) despite his relatively Small size.

40.a Small man on a grey horse had appeared.