Smacking Sentence Examples | Use Smacking in a sentence

1.however, i know of a couple of testers who love the head Smacking animations so much that they let themselves get caught every time.

2.similarly, utility companies 'aversion to actions Smacking of preparations for a potential nuclear disaster meant that development of robots to assist in nuclear accidents was never pursued.

3.anna and i clambered into the bed and set about puffing, grunting and lip- Smacking , all the while trying to turn the pages of our scripts.

4.'i really want some dessert,' keaton says, Smacking his lips.

5.a pot of lip Smacking clay pot beef soup is ready to be served.

6.while he was looking he heard about two inches from his ear someone Smacking their lips like they had dry mouth and were preparing to speak.

7.the repetitive stress involved in Smacking the ball may induce the tendonitis known as medial epicondylitis, or golfer's elbow.

8.meige's syndrome was presented by convulsive eyelid closure in 10 cases, grinding teeth and Smacking movement in 3 cases, involuntary blinking in 2 cases, frowning in 1 case, and mixed manifestations in 8 cases.

9.she inclined her cheek, and john gave it a Smacking kiss. i like to see your child Smacking it's lips over an ice-cream.

11.less than superlative? said giles gosling, drinking off the cup, and Smacking his lips with an air of ineffable relish.

12.the pro tees up, Smacking drive after drive while the roadster screams down a runway, trying to catch the ball.

13.nothing sounds as yummy as the noise made by someone cracking their chewing gum and Smacking their lips.

14.these values will cause other types of inputs to be immediately recognized, such as bashing the keyboard in frustration or Smacking the display case in abject disgust.

15.the republican national convention opened by Smacking president obama with the theme we built it. impressive, if not surprising, correlation between Smacking one's teammate on the head and winning lots of games.

17.nurses said he was Smacking his head.

18.always Smacking him and his mom around.

19.said giles gosling, drinking off the cup, and Smacking his lips with an air of ineffable relish.

20.the cabman went up to the soldier, flopped down on his knees, and gave a Smacking kiss on his hand.

21.he tasted the wine.'ah!'he said, Smacking his lips.

22.the moment we sat down on a white bench close to a hedge, he asked me," don't you find something here Smacking of our native place in china?"

23.that moron was trying to get his dog to stand on its two hind legs by repeatedly Smacking and hitting it.

24.he told me i should be a man and suck it, swiftly Smacking my head, causing me to pass out.

25.he races upfield, and just before Smacking the ball into the net, tears off his shirt in a wild celebration.

26."i adore chocolate cake," said susannah, Smacking her lips.

27.placing two spoons in a bottle ( after drinking its content) and then Smacking the bottle is one such gizmo.

28.chewing gum during an interview, takes away from what you are saying to the interviewer, as he concentrates more on you Smacking your mouth, than what's coming out of it.

29.a lizard gets lost in a stocks trading firm. a big crocodile comes over and goes towards the lizard Smacking his lips for the tasty snack.

30.he gave both of the children a good Smacking.

31.making kissing sounds, howling, and Smacking lips.

32.and regardless of the law, social changes seem to be making parents in rich countries cautious about Smacking. if you're in the water and the waves keep Smacking you down.

34.but the us, which is reluctant to embrace anything Smacking of a legal treaty before a presidential election year, said it was unclear precisely what mr xie meant by a new agreement.

35.does Smacking the mother ever help? Smacking his tail fiat on the top of the water he can also make a loud warning signal when enemies are spotted.

37.the baby made a Smacking noise with its lips to signal fear, and the mum pulled him towards her with one deft hand.

38.if your foot is pulled towards the rear of the bike, you risk running over your own leg, twisting your knee severely or Smacking your ankle against the rear axle bolt.