Smacked Sentence Examples | Use Smacked in a sentence

1.the regularity with which he did this Smacked of some one who was waiting to live upon her labour.

2.dennis's suspicions of his wife Smacked of midlife crisis.

3."supposedly we are not capable of making decisions like this, " mr daniels said, grinning as he Smacked a stubborn bottle of ketchup.

4.not knowing her times tables, she was paralyzed with fear that the teacher who Smacked students' hands with a yardstick would call on her.

5.harry straightened up with a jerk and Smacked the top of his head on the low door frame., i Smacked him on the back and said, "hey, big guy, you'll be great! "

7.i basically didn't manage to land on it but i managed to hold on and i was flung around and almost Smacked into one of those stone columns.

8.some of the debris whistled down through the leaves of trees and Smacked into a pond where a man was fishing.

9.and before i realised, talen had opened the door and flew straight down as the remote Smacked him on the head.

10.then his mother, who has a hypertension problem, fainted on the spot. his wife Smacked his face and left.