Smack Sentence Examples | Use Smack in a sentence

1.he holds one hand up, the palm open and ready to Smack her, again, and lenny says, "you're taking outside assignments, aren't you? "

2.his mother, who by that time was tired out, gave him a Smack.

3.get that gun out of my face or i'll Smack ya. could too give me a Smack in the face, but it's true.

5.he was transferred to a regular room, and the first thing he did was Smack his head on the door.

6.the only alternative is to become a species who heroically reach for the stars -- only to Smack into a wall of our own trash.

7.later, from a friend, he said he learned that the actual right of way was "right Smack dab through the living room, " as he put it.

8.i thought she was my friend, but then i heard her talking Smack about me.

9.don't you dare Smack my children!

10.she gave him a Smack in the face that sent him reeling off the pavement. many parents can attest, few disciplinary measures stop a child from misbehaving as quickly as a swift Smack or two on the bottom.

12.i can only imagine what it's like for you, trying to stay off the Smack .

13.the engineers 'union was unhappy with the motion, saying it Smacked of racism.

14.i gave the fly a Smack with the magazine.

15.she Smacked me on the side of the head.

16.i can't Smack randall: he is too big. friend, i'm all out of Smack today. a mock courthouse earlier this year, the Smack of a gavel opened a case for the ages.

19.he greeted his girlfriend with a Smack on the cheek.

20.i'll just give him a Smack, to teach him a lesson.

21.i'll Smack you in the head!

22.then, with a resounding Smack, she slapped claudia's face.

23.i turned red when karen came up and gave me a noisy Smack on the cheek.

24.we started fighting and peter hit me Smack in the left eye. it's okay then if i Smack you?

26.they ain't Smack me no more.

27.i thought you were about to Smack her with a brick.

28.ray houghton Smacked the ball against a post.

29.i'll Smack your bottom if you do that again!

30.i'll Smack your bottom if you're naughty.

31.'i really want some dessert,' keaton says, Smacking his lips.

32.i never Smack my children, no matter how naughty they are.

33.he then he threw the apple out with all his might. coincidentally, it hit newton Smack on the head and newton discovered the law of gravity.

34.he Smacked his hands down on his knees

35.he was rude, so i gave him a Smack in the face.

36.why is duncan allowed to talk all that Smack after he was t'ed up? kick him out of the game.

37.that child had broken wind she gave him a Smack in the buttocks.

38.even if official american outrage may Smack of domestic political posturing, that of the victims' relatives does not. part that's because industry is Smack in the middle of the city.

40.she had the side of her mouth right Smack on the pillow, and i couldn't hear her.