Slyness Sentence Examples | Use Slyness in a sentence

1.there is Slyness and there is innocent mischief.

2.i'm convinced that if we add a little Slyness to our game, we'll emerge victorious this year as well ". "

3.don't allow cunningness or Slyness at all.

4.Slyness is hurting deliberately. out for Slyness.

6.he delighted in female subtlety, Slyness and fecundity.

7.but at my last words he perked up into a kind of startled Slyness.

8.oh! the age of the face that was turned up again, with an expression, half of melancholy, half of Slyness, on it!

9.there is Slyness as there is innocent mischief.

10.there is Slyness earning you money is innocent mischief.