Slyly Sentence Examples | Use Slyly in a sentence come Slyly, like a thief!

2.he was lurking Slyly in the background.

3.she ran Slyly through the wall.

4.i should Slyly open my petals and watch you at your work.

5.he would allow john Slyly to copy his answers to impossibly difficult algebra questions

6."i'm just a little garden snake, " he grinned Slyly.

7.he whispered Slyly to his brother.

8.i noticed fairly early that her descriptions are Slyly non-descriptive.

9.the dirty dog, in the shape of a gentleman known as the colonel, was lurking Slyly in the background, and our heroine spent the greater part of her baltimore time in this scoundrel's company.

10.and joh just Slyly slid right in when everything was perfectly in place.

11.he watched me keenly and Slyly, his chin all the while on his breast.

12.the result of this secret survey was, that he shaded his face with his hands, and laughed Slyly and noiselessly.

13."and m. de monte cristo, king of china, emperor of cochin-china," said the young imp, looking Slyly towards his sister.

14.when he had gone she let her eyes wander Slyly to the figure of a tall young man stretched lazily in a chair not far distant.

15.this movie's ending is happy, believed that many people watched this movie to be able to fall in love with this Slyly only lovable fat cat.

16.while most of the other sources say that hobbits were created by tolkien, brewers Slyly says that they feature in his stories.

17.she grinned Slyly and refused to tell me where the money came from.

18."isn't that young lady miss polly simpson?" asked jimmy Slyly.

19.Slyly i glanced over at my husband just as he commented," what kind of idiot would pay$ 42 for a baseball?"

20."i'm just a little garden snake," he grinned Slyly.

21.Slyly i glanced over at my husband just as he commented, "what kind of idiot would pay $42 for a baseball? "

22.Slyly she whispered in connie's ear," only a few hours more and you'll know what it's all about. "

23.cameron sinclair: so i'm going to show that later because i'm running out of time. i can see chris looking at me Slyly.

24."and m. de monte cristo, king of china, emperor of cochin-china, " said the young imp, looking Slyly towards his sister.

25.many nappers allegedly refuse to obey staff or follow regulations and they Slyly seek out zones hidden from view to prolong their comfortable siestas.

26.did he not open his third eye and reduce the god of love to ashes, when the latter Slyly aimed his arrow at him while he was meditating ?

27.a police office who had taken part in apprehending "the shrek" had Slyly remarked: "this guy only needs to look at himself in the mirror to realize that crime is not for him!"

28.some people prod more Slyly.

29.she glanced Slyly at madeleine.

30.she Slyly slipped a shot of vodka into his beer when he wasn't looking.

31.a boy once Slyly took a marble from a playmate while playing with him.