Sly Sentence Examples | Use Sly in a sentence

1.a week later, Sly lucia pretended to be sad once more and told silver nose she wanted news of her mother.

2.grand as the watch was, he sometimes looked at it on the Sly on account of the old leather strap that he used in place of a chain.

3.who has a raspy voice and a Sly smile and looks a bit like dick cheney, wants to be very clear. honest enough to own it, and that what i said in the town was true, though your fancy-man was so up about it - hey, my Sly one?

5.with a Sly grin, he reached into his trousers pocket and pulled out a pair of thick woolen socks. "and i found these especially for you. "

6.she turned her eyes , as she rested against the cow , full of Sly inquiry upon him.

7.a slow Sly smile is creeping around the corner of his mouth.

8.but it was a Sly vanity; many people assumed the name referred to web pages, not a surname.

9.Sly. 'tis much. servants, leave me and her alone. exeunt servants madam, undress you, and come now to bed.

10.they take a Sly pleasure in the failure of others , and they are always ready to say ' i told you so ' .