Slushy Sentence Examples | Use Slushy in a sentence

1.the snow on the lower slopes is hard in the early morning, but Slushy by the afternoon. in freezer and freeze until Slushy (about 45 minutes).

3.a bathetic novel; maudlin expressons of sympathy; mushy effusiveness; a schmaltzy song; sentimental soap operas; Slushy poetry.

4.blend until Slushy. pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with orange wheel.

5.the last whale hunters in the united states, native alaskans ply Slushy waters off the state's coast in a walrus-skin boat.

6.the matcha Slushy, tea over shaved ice, and matcha lattes were developed for the new york outpost to appeal to a starbucks-drinking customer.

7.the columbia men's rodeo magic shell has all the features needed to keep you dry whether you're riding on a Slushy spring day or taking rag-doll diggers in the season's deepest powder.

8.japan has been by far the biggest foreign market ever since the success in 2003 of winter sonata, a mixture of Slushy romance and high drama that won a huge following among middle-aged women ( see box). and there a drift across the road was wet and Slushy.'s quite another to remain steadfastly upbeat on a Slushy winter day when your car's broken down, and your blood sugar is too high.

11.when this happens, winter melts away into a helpless Slushy puddle much like this container of ice and water before us.

12.the road must be Slushy.

13.this Slushy, frozen blender drink is usually made with coconut-flavored rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice or fresh pineapple.

14.i don't like that Slushy emotional music.

15.after the rain, as zhao was about to start work, he noticed his recently washed car was covered with a gray, Slushy substance.

16.make a Slushy, conformable pack by mixing 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a self-closing plastic bag.

17.he spoke in a Slushy voice, as if much mud had washed into his throat.

18.or, if it's been raining, feel the Slushy slide of the compacted leaves underfoot.

19.victoria was also seen showing off her youthful side as she sipped on a blue Slushy drink during the day out.

20.if the Slushy surface layer isn't deep enough, try chopping some steps.

21.but it faced unexpected challenges from both the Slushy snowstorm that walloped the northeast and friday night's world series game 7.

22.if a Slushy romance is screened, the thugs go to the pub instead and mayhem ensues.