Slouched Sentence Examples | Use Slouched in a sentence

1.he Slouched onto the stage to light applause.

2.she Slouched past me with her hands in her pockets.

3."i know someone who's worse than umbridge," said a voice from the doorway. ron's younger sister Slouched into the room, looking irritable." hi, harry. " doubt, everyone recognized the unsuccessful man in the very way he Slouched along.

5.if your body is Slouched down, the message the brain gets is that "this is not important" and so it doesn't pay as close attention.

6.he sat Slouched in his chair, stupefied with boredom.

7.i Slouched in a nearby chair and saw all of it.

8.jude hastened on, and soon had the pleasure of observing a man in a black coat and a black Slouched felt hat no considerable distance ahead.

9.along the stone corridor of the battlement, two figures were Slouched down against the wall.

10.he Slouched past me with his hands in his pockets.

11.he's Slouched down in his chair, and when he spots the interviewer coming down the hall, he begins to wipe a sweaty hand on his pant leg.

12.the man Slouched and stooped in the sunshine.

13.she invited him in and he Slouched in the wooden chair beside the low dresser and talked to her while she sat cross-legged on the bed.

14.the old hobo sat Slouched in a corner seat.

15.did you also notice the way she Slouched in her chair during most of the interviews?

16.swinging his stout frame, pierre Slouched through the crowd, nodding to right and to left, as casually and good-naturedly as though he were walking through a crowd in a market. sure would. did you also notice the way she Slouched in her chair during most of the interviews? she had horrible posture!

18.scowling, the lad Slouched over.

19.a girl Slouched in front of her.

20.he was Slouched over a book, his long dark hair falling over his face.

21.i Slouched down in my seat and attempted to resume my train of thought and natural state of invisibility.

22.i Slouched down in the passenger seat of our old pontiac 'cause it was the cool way to sit when one is in the fourth grade.

23.yang, Slouched on stage and devoid of energy, alternated between calling yahoo a platform company and a destination site.

24.actually, he is Slouched like a teenager in one of the cushy leather chairs, his worn jogging shoes resting on the directors' table. makes a world of difference rather than walking Slouched with our heads down, which makes us feel low and sends out a negative impression to the people around you.

26.he Slouched off across broadway, and archer stood looking after him and musing on his last words.

27.haggard and pale, shabbily or raggedly dressed, their boots broken and down at heel, they Slouched past.

28.angel Slouched in his chair until his eyes were nearly level with the table and wished this was a world where sex wasn't a weapon.

29.Slouched into work feeling tired, flat and thoroughly out of sorts.

30.poor posture, sitting or walking Slouched over, compresses the body's organs