Sleepyhead Sentence Examples | Use Sleepyhead in a sentence

1.come on, Sleepyhead, let's yet you to bed. then, Sleepyhead! it's time to go to bed.

3.wake up, Sleepyhead! the sun is beginning to shine! what a lovely summer day! then, Sleepyhead, it's time you went to bed.

5.Sleepyhead. losing sleep disrupts one molecular circuit inside mouse neurons, causing them to forget.

6.taylor: out of bed, Sleepyhead.

7.but couldn't wake her Sleepyhead

8.come with me, you Sleepyhead.

9.good morning, Sleepyhead. you want some breakfast?

10.blair: well, get some strong coffee and, jump in the shower, Sleepyhead., Sleepyhead. come on, don't be lazy.

12.ann: rise and shine! Sleepyhead!