Slaying Sentence Examples | Use Slaying in a sentence

1.since then, the blood elves have been hunting down demons, Slaying them, and siphoning the demonic essence as it ebbs and flows from the cooling corpse.

2.the great tragedy ofscience the Slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact .

3.but orestes, the son of agamemnon and herself, avenges his father's murder by Slaying his mother.

4.citing court documents, lawyers said the person who masterminded her Slaying was a political figure living inside russia.

5.runic games'debut title reminded us why we love the action-rpg genre with dungeon exploring, loot gathering and monster Slaying

6.some can only be purchased from remote shops out in the wilderness, while others can only be acquired after Slaying a vile beast or powerful boss monster.

7.the man mimed the Slaying of an enemy. the ears of a zealot, such a denunciation sounds like an invitation to go out and claim a heavenly reward by Slaying the offender. one apologized to me for the execution-style Slaying of my cousins during the festival of redemption.

10.samson performed many powerful acts, including Slaying a lion and moving the gates of gaza.

11.clinton called the Slaying of the aid workers, who had spent several days conducting a free eye clinic in the region, heartbreaking and vicious murder.

12.oswald, 24 years old, was also accused of Slaying a policeman who had approached him in the street. reading the first book wuxia novels is the record ", he yitian dragon-Slaying whole saw a day night, as if possessed general; " Slaying ( survival) and humanoid Slaying ( survival) has been combined into "improved tracking".

15.the great tragedy of science-the Slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.'s huxley that said woe to the Slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact, nuclear collapse. i would expect human Slaying to pretty much cancel out the entire ms nerf when you consider all of it's components (sustained dps wise).

18.arrested development-allow all three of corla's zealots to evolve, then defeat corla after Slaying the evolved zealots in blackrock caverns on heroic difficulty.

19.and behold joy and gladness, Slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.

20.the suicidal and Slaying events resulted from students 'psychological problems are destructive and influential.

21.cursed axe of Slaying drains slower and gives a20% movement bonus.

22.because of his crimes of Slaying his father and marring his mother, oedipus was forced to bund his eyes and abandoned him in the wilderness in order to deliver his people from the famine.

23.philip markoff has pleaded not guilty in the Slaying of the masseuse.

24.ottawa police have found no apparent motive and no suspects in a triple Slaying in an upscale, gated, condominium complex.

25.the country's police recently began arming themselves in greater numbers, in part to try to ward against future incidents such as a mass Slaying at a train station in kunming that left 33 dead in march.

26.yet again, kratos men are shown Slaying innocent villagers.

27.while your pot was Slaying with me, it had a baby.

28.of old, jie murdering guang longfen and zhou Slaying prince bigan illuminate that disobedience to the superior is both unwise and dangerous, even its originates are from the love to people.

29.he is under suspicion as an accessory to the high school Slaying of sixteen of his classmates.

30.dragon Slaying is the clan's primary career option, although hiccup wants nothing to do with it.

31.the legend of george Slaying a dragon and rescuing an innocent maiden is medieval.

32.and he cried unto the lord, and said, o lord my god, hast thou also brought evil upon the widow with whom i sojourn, by Slaying her son?