Skirmished Sentence Examples | Use Skirmished in a sentence

1.broadly speaking, two tribes have Skirmished with each other during the euro crisis: the markets and the politicians.

2.small protests also erupted near the us embassy in cairo, where youths Skirmished with police.

3.he Skirmished with his opponent.

4.the headmaster and teachers Skirmished for a term over the question of corporal punishment. the past 36 years china has Skirmished over the paracel islands with vietnam (1974);

6.since 1949 china has Skirmished with russia and fought the un in korea and india and vietnam.

7.police Skirmished with youths on the estate last friday. deripaska hastily made peace with another tycoon with whom he had Skirmished over control of norilsk.

9.fabius constantly Skirmished and fought hannibal on a few different occasions.

10.the imf's move comes as countries with sovereign wealth funds and recipient states Skirmished at the world economic forum in davos over the need for a code of conduct for such state-owned investment funds.