Skilful Sentence Examples | Use Skilful in a sentence

1.for your million at recent western, in a more Skilful manner, for some of these efforts to get to know dining etiquette, or very worthwhile.

2.some very Skilful negotiators will be needed to settle this dispute.

3.loki approached the Skilful dwarves and negotiated for a fine head of golden hair in exchange for a life of servitude to the dwarfs.

4.this shows that our army has a fine tradition and that it is heroic and Skilful in battle.

5.his deft and Skilful handling of the abdication issue raised him in a fortnight from the depth to the pinnacle.

6.he was a man of a practical turn of mind, keen in his dealings and Skilful with his hands. well as his Skilful tackling and brilliant passes, gerrard is also capable of scoring spectacular goals.

8.Skilful employees are vital to the success of any company.

9.and they used english in a very Skilful and imaginative may.

10.he is widely regarded as hungary's most Skilful politician.

11.a tacit pact between the alawite and sunni elites is cemented by the Skilful doling-out of the fruits of economic liberalisation.

12.he is a Skilful and effortless employee and he is also economical. will get more Skilful at this job as you go along.

14.but brazil will need Skilful policymaking if it is to manage down its current credit bubble without losing control.

15.if, as a client, you have found a truly Skilful manager, you really do not want their holdings to be transparent, public knowledge. a highly Skilful player, he has a great shot and superb vision for a pass.

17.the Skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski.

18.the problem is rather complicated and needs careful and Skilful handling.

19.he is a very Skilful writer, but not an innovator. maintain a successful jiapu requires Skilful management and perseverance.

21.the Skilful do not seem to hear the murmured objection, and they continue their manoeuvres.

22.and also, they have very Skilful players.

23.i'm Skilful in ink and wash.

24.the lads did admit they were surprised how Skilful he was, having been used to seeing him doing so much running and battling for liverpool.

25.i leave the matter to your wit and Skilful devices.

26.but we found a Skilful team, who hoisted it into place during a solemn and somewhat apprehensive ceremony.

27.i am in variously Skilful hands.

28.with the help of Skilful gerrymandering, the party has never lost an election since.

29.but we found a Skilful team , who hoisted it into place during a solemn and somewhat apprehensive ceremony . the most Skilful man with a woman, i would responsibly.

31.after that our opponents showed how Skilful they were and kept the ball quite well.

32.the more you practise, the more Skilful you'll become.

33.the girl had grown more Skilful with the sewing-machine.

34.a war was averted by Skilful negotiation.

35.they laid out the enemy by Skilful manoeuvre. cannot be Skilful unless you can understand things, unless you can see possibilities and explore them.

37.however, high standard games are still being shown everyday after school by passionate and Skilful players.

38.that tailor is very Skilful.

39.he's not very Skilful with his chopsticks [ at using chopsticks].

40.a Skilful portrayal of a lonely and embittered old man.