Sixtieth Sentence Examples | Use Sixtieth in a sentence

1.actually you can take the subway and get off at Sixtieth street.

2.the Sixtieth birthday is important for chinese, but she didn't celebrate with a cake and candles.

3.haversian systems, each about one-Sixtieth of an inch wide, make up the structure of compact bone. is the Sixtieth anniversary of our country's independence.

5.until she has worked as an air-hostess until past her Sixtieth birthday.

6.we have seedlings grow into trees, but it will always be your students. when you Sixtieth year, i wish you evergreen tree of life.

7.isan is a studio inside the university of fine arts, of the course was that the school of fine arts professor, passing his Sixtieth.

8.ceremonial foods are used when a child reaches 100 days, at the first birthday, at a wedding ceremony, and the Sixtieth birthday. will be grandma's Sixtieth birthday.

10.performance theory has been put forward by american folklore between Sixtieth and seventieth in twenty century.

11.nato spokesman james appathurai said the main subject at the Sixtieth anniversary meetings would be the nato operations in afghanistan . contrast, in the northern hemisphere, the lands lying above the Sixtieth parallel of latitude include much of scandinavia, siberia and alaska, all of greenland and iceland, with a total population of several million.

13.she has worked as an air- hostess until past her Sixtieth birthday .

14.a minute is one Sixtieth part of an hour.

15.the measurement technology of saw is always an important topic in the saw field. the detection of saw by laser has entered the upsurge since laser came forth at the Sixtieth year of 20 century. the same time, the Sixtieth item stated, the shareholder of one person limited corporation assumed testify obligation for corporation possession autonomously own possession, otherwise it would assume the unfavorable outcome, it was special stipulation. in the hundred and Sixtieth year alexander the son of antiochus, surnamed the illustrious, came up and took ptolemais, and they received him, and he reigned there.

18.he is to retire on his Sixtieth birthday.

19.from the first to the Sixtieth year of the qianlong dynasty, punishment for corruption crime had never been stopped.

20.china, a country in rapid development: commemorating the Sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china, with a look at prospects for the twenty-first century

21.he died in his Sixtieth year, ie at the age of 59. 10 percent out of one s monthly pay a minute is the Sixtieth part of an hour.

23.a minute is the Sixtieth part of hour. grandmother's celebrating her Sixtieth birthday on sunday.

25.a minute is a unit of time equal to one Sixtieth of an hour, or 60 seconds.

26.the Sixtieth anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war in the world& preface to the second ( or the third) edition of the second world war the nineteen Sixtieth of 20th century, people from all levels of the society started to pay attention to corporate social responsibility due to the exposed shortcomings in industrial evolution.