Simple Sentence Examples | Use Simple in a sentence

1.the utility model is safe and reliable, Simple in structure, easy to erect, operate and maintain, and reliable in performance.

2.i then realised that he had made a Simple but excusable historical mistake.

3.they have rethought the logic of insecticides, putting evolutionary theory at the centre, instead of a Simple desire to destroy the enemy.

4.this slide show steps you through the process i described in this article using Simple graphics and an easy-to-understand story line.

5.the job itself had been Simple enough's blackmail, pure and Simple.

7.alas, it's not that Simple.

8.i stumbled across an extremely Simple but very exact method for understanding where my money went

9.therefore, the choice of the project mainly walking, running, climbing, badminton, table tennis is Simple, easy to implement project-based.

10.the answer is Simple

11.the Simple fact is that, for most people, surfing is too expensive.

12.i cut my purchases dramatically by the Simple expedient of destroying my credit cards.

13.cuomo laid it out in Simple language.

14.there is, in my view, a Simple explanation

15.she was wearing a Simple light-grey two-piece suit.

16.a few Simple precautions can be taken, for example ensuring that desks are the right height. get a flavor of what mobl looks like, this section will demonstrate the implementation of a Simple to-do list manager.

18.peasant is often as Simple and pure as the soil, and work hard.'s easy for you to say that, but actually it is not so Simple.

20.the judge's ruling was based on the Simple commonsense tenet that no man is above the law.

21.buddhist ethics are Simple but its practices are very complex to a western mind.

22.Simple antibiotics are effective against this organism

23.some puzzles look difficult but once the solution is known are actually quite Simple

24.the Simplest way to install a shower is to fit one over the bath.

25.nothing is Simpler than a cool white shirt.

26.some words can be difficult to turn a Simple place, thank you, and relatively long, well i would add points.

27.i picked on Simple things — rice and peas, meat and bread.

28.rails 2. 2 ships with a Simple internationalization framework that makes it silly easy to do translations and locales.

29.his refusal to talk was Simple stubbornness.

30.that sounds rather Simple, but in fact it's very difficult is Simple and easy to realize, may be used to substitute other huge and complicated distributed computing mechanisms.

32.don't be naive. the matter is not so Simple.

33.why the reminiscence should evoke such a strong emotion i do not understand. on reflection, however, the reason is really very Simple.

34.the holy family church was closed and the parish now celebrates mass in this Simple side chapel

35.i do not have a Simple solution to the drug problem.

36.if only it were that Simple!

37.he lives a very Simple life for a man who has become incredibly rich

38.he was Simple as a child.

39.he ate a Simple dinner of rice and beans.

40.many pictures have been based on Simple geometric designs.