Similar Sentence Examples | Use Similar in a sentence

1.i tend to imagine this Similar the coloured spot lights at rock concerts, only toned down, leaving only a sense of the colour in the air.

2.we hold Similar views on this issue, but out of different considerations.

3.a woman used a technique Similar to the mitm attack to rob families out of a lot of money (see resources). happy coincidence, robert met richard and julia and discovered they were experiencing Similar problems.

5.the defendant asked for 21 Similar offences to be taken into account

6.the timbers of Similar houses were painted with pitch.

7.Similar customs were known in widely divergent cultures such as ancient egypt and scandinavia.

8.what if spain reacts to the Similar economic pressures which are appearing over there? contrast to Similar services in france and germany, intercity rolling stock is very rarely idle.

10.sedge is Similar in appearance to grass but has a solid rather than a hollow stem

11.mobbs measured the skin conductance of his players by rigging them up to a device Similar to a lie detector.

12.the effect was Similar to that of a mother singing to a baby.

13.they had the Similar aims.

14.a Similar fate awaits any population exposed long enough to a new flu strain to which it has no immunity, experts believe.

15.other national managers will have to overcome Similar obstacles, of course, and low should be experienced enough to deal with these hiccups.

16.the trial could set an important precedent for dealing with large numbers of Similar cases

17.if he resists, the ldp might censure him in the upper house, producing a Similar outcome. forrest believes there is a need for other Similar schools throughout britain

19.he despised william pitt, notwithstanding the Similar views they both held.

20.i get the two of them mixed up all the time, they're so Similar.

21.again the pregnancy was very Similar to my previous two reports from around the country indicate that at least three people have used it or Similar apps to trick drivers into pulling over.

23.the casino, where she had often danced, had suffered a Similar fate.

24.instead of staying in the here and now, you bring up Similar instances from the past.

25.let us suppose another planet with conditions Similar to those on the earth.

26.all the children were Similar in height, weight and body mass index (bmi; a ratio of height to weight used to measure obesity).

27.i am sending you literature from two other companies that provide a Similar service

28.washington and moscow are believed to have Similar views on kashmir

29.their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their Similar goals

30.his stance towards the story is quite Similar to ours. is softer than cotton and nylon and has a Similar lustre to silk.

32.Similar conditions are to be found in other countries.

33.the accident was Similar to one that happened in 1973.

34.printing a black-and-white negative on to colour paper produces a Similar monochrome effect is a misconception to assume that the two continents are Similar

36.what sets it apart from hundreds of Similar small french towns is the huge factory opinions are Similar to his.

38.over the years several Similar theories have been put forward

39.two manchester city fans, geoff watts and howard davies, coincidentally wrote Similar letters to the club.

40.Similar to the other business services, an interface for the data services is often based on the enterprise semantic model.