Silverware Sentence Examples | Use Silverware in a sentence this stage few would bet on him carrying home a piece of Silverware.

2.the Silverware is in this drawer. the dishes are up in the cabinet.

3.they'll lend us their cups and Silverware for a party.

4.everton paraded their recently acquired Silverware. certainly have to memorize where you put your Silverware.

6.perfection, as i understand the term, does not mean that you have to win Silverware.

7.all the dishes and Silverware have been washed, dried, and put away; the counter-tops cleaned; the appliances sparkling; the ? oor waxed.

8.his arrival, it is hoped, will spark our search for Silverware this season.'s something we're not taking lightly as it's an opportunity to get more Silverware.

10.she ate like a horse until the last plate was clean, and then she placed her Silverware down with an air of conclusion. know the punishment for losing Silverware. the Silverware on the table for dinner.

13.silver has some inherent appeal due to its industrial use in electronics, Silverware and coins. and reserves are limited.

14.our goal is to work tirelessly for our supporters and deliver the best conditions for a winning team and Silverware in the trophy room. this Silverware must be added two large candlesticks of massive silver, which he had inherited from a great-aunt.

16.her Silverware consists of knives, forks, spoons, a water pitcher, and candlesticks.

17.and the tinkle and clink of Silverware on china, the hiss and gurgle of the coffee maker.

18.though most customers at marrakesh do eat with their hands, the restaurant also provides Silverware.

19.maybe a place setting or a Silverware pattern's good. a general rule to thumb, Silverware is lined up in the order in which a person will use them, going from the outside, in.

21.took out the dishes and Silverware; washed the dishes. meals should be eaten sitting down with Silverware, not standing up.

23.there was a serving spoon missing when nina put the Silverware back in its box. not wipe off your cup or Silverware in a restaurant. i took my seat i was greeted by a dazzling array of Silverware at my place setting.

26.a set of china or Silverware for serving tea.

27.( picks up Silverware and starts banging loudly on the table).

28.this so-called "art infusion effect" seems to work for everything from Silverware to soap dispensers, she added.

29.i hope so; it's what we all want. i'm going through a tough time but i hope to be back soon to help my teammates win some Silverware.

30.the only thing i'm demanding is to play and try to lead the team to Silverware.

31.where can i find a set of Silverware?

32.and he hopes it will be one of many cup appearances this term as the reds look to claim their first piece of Silverware since 2006.

33.she'd laid the table with the best china and Silverware.

34.the burglars made away with all their Silverware.

35.every table you look at, it's a wine glass, the Silverware and the cell phone, he joked.

36.i set the table before dinner, and washed the Silverware after dinner.

37.there are all kinds of plates, saucers, cups, and Silverware at my place.

38.xinhua village is famous for it's Silverware.

39.first, rijkaard has a good track record at barcelona, albeit one that's beginning to fade, considering the dearth of Silverware last season.