Signed Sentence Examples | Use Signed in a sentence Signed a contract to develop oil and gas reserves near archangel.

2.this agreement will be embedded in a state treaty to be Signed soon.

3.the security council aim to ensure compliance by all sides, once an agreement is Signed.

4.the contract that was Signed on thursday morning was backdated to march 11 the next year i Signed up for the race and gave it a shot.

6.he was given a letter purportedly Signed by the prime minister.

7.grace: actually, only two people, you and me, have Signed up for it so far.

8.a non-aggression pact will be Signed between the two countries.

9.i think. . . you know, two years ago, michelle obama Signed up for the campaign, and had an idea of what she might be getting into.

10.the minnesota vikings Signed herschel walker from the dallas cowboys

11.he Signed up as a steward with p& o lines

12.the artist Signed a contract with him, in which we both agreed that conceptually, the soles of ma zhongxin belonged to me.

13.delegates Signed a treaty to reduce the armouries of conventional weapons in europe.

14.a formal contract is Signed which is renewable annually.

15.the waiter returned with their order and graham Signed the bill

16.two years ago, he Signed over his art collection to the new york metropolitan museum of art

17.leaders of some rival factions Signed a peace agreement last week

18.they presented their draft to the president, who looked it over, nodded and Signed it

19.everything he dictated was Signed and sent out the same day.

20.he Signed the register at the hotel

21.the peace treaty was Signed in paris.

22.modification this agreement may only be modified by a writing Signed by an authorized officer of you and renesas.

23.lithuania and armenia Signed a treaty in vilnius recognising each other as independent sovereign states

24.i need to be able to earn a profit and with the contracts we've Signed i cannot. the next eight years, and even after i left office, more people would mention it to me than any other bill i Signed.

26.they Signed the rights away when they sold their idea to dc comics.

27.a peace agreement will be Signed by the leaders of the country's warring factions. was a flimsy excuse, but there was some kind of logic to it, since the us had never Signed the 2001 agreement.

29.last june, he closed his business voluntarily and Signed his assets over to someone else.

30.the two countries Signed a cultural agreement.

31.the foreign ministers of the two countries Signed the documents today.

32.a recent treaty Signed by russia, canada and japan formalized an agreement to work together to stop the pirates

33.rob then Signed off, and that was the last we ever heard of him.

34.last month he Signed a new non-aggression pact with germany

35.when he first Signed he was a young player coming to a top side in a different country and trying to adapt to a different style.

36.finally, the bolsheviks Signed an armistice with germany.

37.they Signed an agreement that parcelled out the middle east into several spheres of influence.

38.the two countries Signed an agreement to jointly launch satellites.