Shute Sentence Examples | Use Shute in a sentence

1.a lot of these people are like ambitious young people who want to farm for themselves, mr. Shute said, so they are motivated to learn quickly.

2.but sometimes mr Shute forgets something when he's thinking over some problems.

3.Shute's prose is stark and chillingly unsentimental afternoon it was very hot while mr Shute was thinking over a problem in his room.

5.if you had kept your mouth Shute there would at least be some hope. afternoon it was very hot white mr Shute was thinking over a problem in his room. Shute would like to arrange an appointment with you. and mrs Shute had a daughter called jane.

9.last week mr. Shute decided to make a table.

10.abrams creek was running clear and cool, shaded by tulip poplars, pawpaws, and pines, on the day i belly flopped in with Shute and rakeslast fall.

11.later, standing among burbling aquariums in the knoxville warehouse, Shute talked about how he had seen much worse places than abrams creek and about why he remains optimistic nonetheless.

12.the research on the relations of bo sea kingdom and Shute culture is a new research field on bo sea history.

13.and mr. Shute did so until his head was hurt in a traffic accident.

14.but sometimes mr Shute forgets things when he's thinking over problem.

15.hong kong seems to be at a crossroads, says mr Shute. there are a lot of opinions on what will happen to pricing over the next 12 months or so. peer discussion groups with teenage girls in south australia, Shute and her colleagues found that jo's situation is incredibly common.

17.Shute design of pneumatic conveying system theirknoxville nonprofit, conservation fisheries, inc. (cfi), Shute andrakes are trying to keep some of the rarest species alive.