Shunting Sentence Examples | Use Shunting in a sentence

1.research on automatic generation of interlock forms for train route and Shunting route based on graphic structure on urban expressway networks link Shunting model under emergency incidents conditions

3.does she have intracardiac right -to -left Shunting ( presumably through a patent foramen ovale ) ?

4.initially, vasoconstriction is selective, Shunting blood to the heart and brain.

5.possible. it was a complication for the Shunting yard, but, once it had been.

6.Shunting operation is the center of marshalling yard organization, and is the important component of the whole railway transportation.

7.the boxcars can be rearranged at a Shunting yard that has an input track, an output track, and k holding tracks between the input tracks and output tracks.

8.this condition is seen commonly with agenesis of the corpus callosum and does not respond to ventricular Shunting .

9.such small defects do not produce significant left-to-right Shunting, but they do increase the risk for infective endocarditis.

10.on the basis of analyzing the influence factors of Shunting operation volume in marshalling station, the algorithm model of Shunting operation is established. method for software of flat Shunting systems based on automaton models

12.besides, we separate autonomic ctc as technical method of traffic control, realized centralized control of train and Shunting operation;

13.and i knew that that was blood Shunting, when the blood rushes away from your extremities to provide oxygen to your vital organs.

14.also in the ac voltage mode, low-input Shunting capacity is necessary for high-frequency operation.

15.if it does, you may find the firewall Shunting away traffic that looks like a denial of service (dos) attack. to check the filament real-time status of white light signal in a Shunting signal is discussed deeply in the case of not affecting stability and safety of signal equipment in use.

17.objective to analyse the causes of shunt obstructions after ventriculoperitoneal Shunting for children hydrocephalus and their therapy.

18.there are two types of Shunting devices to choose from.

19.research on encoding and correcting in wireless transmission of Shunting work requisition

20.the system does not need changeover of control authority during Shunting operation.

21.payrolls will be further trimmed by Shunting staff to low-cost locations, and introducing greater automation and process efficiencies.

22.research of a new method for charging and Shunting of li-ion batteries

23.first, it discusses the technical and economic feasibility for the Shunting monitoring system to use dgps technology.

24.the operation involves stopping the heart and Shunting the blood through a heart-lung machine.

25.and blood Shunting, to reduce heat loss by diverting blood flow away from the body extremities to the body core.

26.the operating standard for railway Shunting& railway Shunting the operating standard for the simple hump

27.this paper gives some sufficient conditions for complete stability and global asymptotic stability of Shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks, which improves previous results.

28.some Shunting buttons can be used as option buttons at the same time.

29.capstan for operating turntables or for Shunting railway wagons

30.the through route and combined Shunting route shall be handled section by section based on the sections they contain.

31.analysis and main countermeasure on train injury accident-prone situation of the Shunting operation in the railway system

32.Shunting route: in principle, the persons who handle Shunting route shall manually release the remaining Shunting route.

33.increase the exploiture and research of speed control equipments which adapt Shunting operation of heavy-haul wagon

34.before the station system commissioning, the low voltage energization test has been done for the hv capacitor banks in ac filters and Shunting capacitors.

35.some surgeons believe that Shunting of the obstructed lateral ventricle is sufficient unless local mass effect causes symptoms.

36.the Shunting of the station works, by station dispatcher ( did not set dispatcher, by station attendant) unified leader.