Shortly Sentence Examples | Use Shortly in a sentence

1.once, he declined something from the servant who interrupted and pestered at his shoulder, and he said, Shortly and emphatically, "pew! "

2.the conference is now debating the motion and will vote on it Shortly

3.christine didn't answer, and Shortly afterwards she left.

4.zhao said the information was not at hand but would be forwarded Shortly through email or sms.

5.the work will be completed very Shortly

6.Shortly afterwards, cuts in defence spending forced the aerospace industry to retrench.

7.Shortly after the workers went on strike, police began to mass at the shipyard

8.Shortly after it arrived, he said, passengers from the downed flight began to come aboard the ferry.

9.the senate is expected to pass the bill Shortly.

10.tragedy was Shortly to overtake him, however.

11.shooting was heard as the attack was launched Shortly after daybreak, but there was no immediate word on casualties.

12.officials say that one or two engines fell away from the plane Shortly after takeoff.

13."Shortly government will have to take stark measure to put an end to this type of activities and acts of terrors, " he said.

14.a thirty-nine-year-old competitor collapsed half-way through the marathon and died Shortly afterwards.

15.i'll make the rope walker a little smaller-- you'll see Shortly why i make it a little smaller.

16.Shortly after the story of a happy, the sun found the relationship between the sky and the stars, very angry.

17.he reached cambridge Shortly before three o'clock.

18.'i don't know you,' he said Shortly, 'and i'm in a hurry.'

19.their trial will Shortly begin

20.i'm Shortly to begin a course on the modern novel.

21.Shortly after we married, jim bought me what he thought was the perfect christmas present: an outboard motor for our sailboat.

22.he will Shortly become the fulcrum of the england team

23.the plane slammed into the building after losing an engine Shortly after take-off

24.she kept a diary until Shortly before her death

25.julie was suspended from her job Shortly after the incident

26.Shortly before christmas, he was mysteriously taken ill

27.peace talks involving other rebel leaders and government representatives broke up without agreement last week, but are due to resume Shortly

28.the rocket tumbled out of control Shortly after lift-off.

29.Shortly after moving into her apartment, she found a job

30.the thieves' car was badly damaged and easy to recognize. Shortly afterwards, the police stopped the car and both men were arrested.

31."groom" life is not long, died Shortly after mating to leave, "the widow, " living a lonely life of ants alone.

32.his deal with disney will run out Shortly, freeing him to pursue his own project

33.quinn returned Shortly after daylight yesterday morning.

34.he arrived with a police escort Shortly before half past nine.

35.the telephone call came Shortly before dinnertime.

36.traffic is expected to be resumed Shortly.

37.he will be able to take up his normal routine Shortly.

38.political observers believe that a new cabinet may be formed Shortly.

39.Shortly afterwards, police arrested four suspects

40.police officers on the case are reckoning to charge someone very Shortly.