Shooting Sentence Examples | Use Shooting in a sentence

1.political leaders have roundly condemned the Shooting

2.the sparks shot up like thousands of Shooting stars into the still night air.

3.this is the last time, so marcus seek to come to a filmmakers team followed him, for he was Shooting the movie about exorcisms documentary. when a magical night sinks over the town and a Shooting star flies across the sky, maria wishes for a miracle.

5.a bright Shooting star, or meteor, is an unforgettable sight.

6.he saw the Shooting and memorised the number of the assassin's car.

7.he was killed by three shots to the head in a drive-by Shooting. old hand at photography, tim has been Shooting wildlife as a hobby for the last 13 years.

9.he was Shooting pool with two other men.

10.grouse Shooting begins in august.

11.presently there was a sound of footsteps and a Shooting of bolts, and the door opened a little.

12.two more bodies were found nearby after the Shooting

13.the man is one of the three suspects in a string of robberies. one led to the Shooting of an fbi agent accidentally shot by a colleague.

14.the trees are Shooting buds early this year.

15.26 people have been killed in a dramatic Shooting incident

16.some politicians have realised that there are more artful ways of subduing people than Shooting or jailing them.

17.ingrid was busy learning her lines for the next day's Shooting

18.cameramen are Shooting their pictures.

19.we're Shooting on location.

20.he was prepared to suppress rebellion by Shooting down protesters

21.a drug-related gang war led to a series of Shootings in the city.

22.bob lee swagger: theres going to be more Shooting, more people are going to die. i didnt start it, but i mean to see it through. was a Shooting star that propelled me into astronomy in the first place

24.the police came around the corner and they started Shooting at us

25.full-size tripods can be awkward, especially if you're Shooting a low-level subject.

26.witnesses said the Shooting focus on the back of the building, in addition to shot noise, at least two explosions heard a loud bang.

27.i spotted a Shooting star which, to my astonishment, was bright green in colour

28.a man seen hanging around the area prior to the Shooting could have been involved.

29.finger breakout is a real arcade game, in which you are escaping from invaders, Shooting and trying to hit balls.

30.there is no doubt that bruce-lee is one of the best Shooting kick-boxing players in the world.

31.he admitted Shooting the man in a fit of rage.

32.if i was to insult the contestants i would be Shooting myself in the foot.

33.he debated whether to make a joke about Shooting rabbits, but decided against it

34.Shooting broke out after the guards surrounded a villa in the city.

35."he just opened the door, pulled out his gun and started Shooting, " one pupil said on german television.

36.'we saw a very bright Shooting star.' —'did you really? '

37.for the moment, though, i cannot think of a more popular policy than Shooting the bankers and nationalising the banks.

38.the Shooting of the maltese falcon proceeded without a hitch.

39.troops began Shooting in all directions.

40.the sound of sporadic Shooting could still be heard.