Shiftless Sentence Examples | Use Shiftless in a sentence

1.jabba surrounded himself with the Shiftless dregs of society, ensuring his protection with a screen of henchmen and hired guns.

2.who has not noticed the power of love in an awkward, crabbed, Shiftless, lazy man?

3.since it is difficult to exactly measure the performance of individual and the existing of supervision cost, there are a lot of Shiftless behavior in team production.

4.old slattery, who clung persistently to his few acres, in spite of repeated offers from gerald and john wilkes, was Shiftless and whining.

5.she said with a very emphatic pronunciation "Shiftless" .

6.the Shiftless rotogravure machine has been becoming the most remarkable new development in printing technology during last 10 years. cost in modern corporations leads mainly from the short-term behavior, the Shiftless behavior and the manipulative behavior of executives, and from the hitchhiking behavior of shareholders.

8.his parents were Shiftless and unsuccessful farm people& his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all.

9.dress a scarecrow in your last shift, you standing Shiftless by, who would not soonest salute the scarecrow? retrospect, i was a sad little boy and a standard-issue, Shiftless, egotistical, dejected teen-ager.

11.this going to hunt up her Shiftless husband at the inn was one of mrs durbeyfield's still extant enjoyments in the muck and muddle of rearing children.

12.wu kang was a Shiftless fellow who changed apprenticeships all the time.

13.i will not have my grandbabies acting like Shiftless, wild hobos.

14.he called the young people Shiftless, lazy and good-for-nothing.

15.pax had looked out for his brother ever since their Shiftless, spice-addled parents had sold them into slavery.

16.the other has been lazy and Shiftless.

17.the "Shiftless" cherokees proudly did everything necessary.

18.her final and ultimatum of contempt consisted in a very emphatic pronunciation of the word "Shiftless" .