Shelve Sentence Examples | Use Shelve in a sentence

1.hutton says they've had to Shelve the japanese deal until next year. Shelve your plans until next week.

3.since he was going abroad to study, he had to Shelve his marriage plans.

4.they Shelve the letters and do not give them due consideration.

5.we had to Shelve the new building plan due to lack of funding.

6.already, economists say russia will have to Shelve its plan for a large sovereign-wealth fund that will invest in foreign companies. is still possible that new developments could lead google to shift tack or Shelve plans for the storage offering in the coming months. permissions are required to perform the Shelve task.

9.type a comment in the comment box, and then click Shelve.

10.and she will have to Shelve any presidential aspirations of her own that she may still harbour.

11.the following procedure, describes a Shelve action which lets you set aside the pending changes in your workspace temporarily.

12.they Shelve the letters and do not give them due consideration. it combines extenics with management science.

13.demonstrates how to conduct a Shelve operation. a similar manner, they Shelve the truth about electricity for the same reason.

15.then you should build your application to make sure that it compiles before you Shelve or check it in. set aside the changes, run bzr Shelve.

17.defer, postpone, Shelve, stay, suspend the central meaning shared by these verbs is "to put off until a later time"

18.i've had to Shelve my plans to buy a new car because i can't afford it at the moment. the moment anybody in a regular job who has an idea for a new company has a very strong incentive to Shelve his idea and stay put.

20.Shelve your pending changes when you are not ready to or cannot check in a set of pending changes.

21.all taipei wants is to Shelve the sovereignty dispute and jointly tap fishery and undersea oil resources with japan.

22.we've had to Shelve our holiday plans because i've just lost my job.

23.but when they moved to chicago so he could take a job on the sun-times, his managing editor ordered her to Shelve her ambitions.

24.maybe we can Shelve the proposal for a while while you brainstorm.

25.i Shelve books in the library, sometimes it gets monotonous, but the pay is not bad.

26.the company decided to Shelve my project. we repeat our appeal: on the basis of the one-china principle, let us Shelve for now certain political disputes and resume the cross-straits dialogue and negotiations as soon as possible.

28.for example, if you change settings or constraints in configuration files, Shelve those changes, and then make other changes to those settings and constraints, you must merge sdm documents.

29.after a sneak preview of the film they decided to Shelve it.

30.atlanta has Shelved plans to include golf in the 1996 games issues or practical problems sometimes require you to Shelve certain aspects of your private or romantic life for a short while.

32.Shelve this matter for a few days.

33.sadly, the project has now been Shelved.

34.they may Shelve the difficulties for a while, but they can't put them by indefinitely.

35.the shoreline Shelves away steeply. argues that china and japan agreed in 1972 to Shelve the issue.

37.when you have pending changes that are ready for check-in and have to be code-reviewed, you can Shelve your changes and inform the code reviewer of the Shelveset.

38.we may Shelve the difficulties for a while, but they cannot be put by indefinitely.