Sheltering Sentence Examples | Use Sheltering in a sentence

1.why are you Sheltering the words within you?

2.this is why when a nuclear accident occurs, the recommended public health actions involve evacuation and Sheltering of those near the site.

3.twelve cubans left the embassy after Sheltering there for several days.

4.she was accused of Sheltering a murderer.

5.many of the displaced are Sheltering in schools.

6.he said his team expected to break through to the area where the miners are Sheltering in3-4 days.

7.their accountant suggested some novel ways of Sheltering their retire-ment income.

8.witnesses said the bomb hit the refugees as they were Sheltering under trees and bushes.

9.many refugees are Sheltering under makeshift tarpaulin structures.

10.a deck having no overhead protection from the weather, but Sheltering the deck below. pipes& channels to be treated as bulkheads and superstructure with coats as for surroundings.

11.the city we live is such huge with continual change of the vehicle and crowd, she never feels safe before Sheltering in her own small room.

12.federal agents knew the family had been Sheltering criminals in their home.

13.i catch him up again a few miles down the road, where the rest of the works party are Sheltering in a prefab from the wind. the rain people were Sheltering in the doorways of shops.

15.hut is a small house or shelter, usually made of wood or metal and in the past was a temporary structure for Sheltering troops.

16.pakistani officials have denied Sheltering him and have criticized the us operation as a violation of their country's sovereignty.

17.they risked their own lives Sheltering jews from the nazis.

18.siva-buddha was thus as indian cloak Sheltering a native cult of great antiquity and power.

19.the report says israel's actions breach the agreement that un premises and those Sheltering within them should be immune from attack.

20.enron-style tax Sheltering has not been the only type of corporate tax scandal in the news.

21.the relevant units shall be responsible for constructing works for Sheltering their own employees, goods and materials. yorkers had experienced a night of high winds and torrential rain and were Sheltering inside.

23.a secret republican organization was Sheltering him. had stood for the Sheltering blood shed back in egypt.

25.mussels, clams, sea anemones and seaweed were found Sheltering on this artificial island, moore said.

26.bullets thudded into the sandbags behind which we were Sheltering.

27.he said his team expected to break through to the area where the miners are Sheltering in 3-4 days.

28.they say perhaps the government thinks rebels of the free syrian army are Sheltering here.

29.she spent much of her time inside the womb of her hotel room Sheltering from the gunfire. can find these creatures hiding beneath stones or Sheltering in damp mossy places.

31.Sheltering from the rain with my brother in the dustbin.

32.when the adults are Sheltering indoors, six children venture out on their bikes across the deserted countryside.

33.religious groups shoulder much of the burden for Sheltering homeless people.

34.god wants you to be like a tree Sheltering others from the scorching sun.

35.she had gone back to tara once in fear and defeat and she had emerged from its Sheltering walls strong and armed for victory.

36.they went into the area to flush out guerrillas who were Sheltering there.

37.a group of us were Sheltering from the rain under the trees.

38.some children were in tears, Sheltering under trees, as the hail bombardment struck the beach vicinity.