sexy Sentence Examples | Use sexy in a sentence's not easy to make traditional irish-scottish music sound sexy and yet still seem wholesome.

2.never trust a woman who acts like you are so sexy she can't help herself but drag you to bed.

3.he bought his wife some sexy underwear for her birthday.

4."we found ads that said smoking was glamorous and sexy and fun, but he said he didn't want those, " she remembered.

5.i like styles that are trendy but not too sexy.

6.she looks very sexy in those jeans. was a wonderful voice which women found incredibly sexy.

8.forget trying to salvage the date or see if she sobers up to being cute and sexy again.'s fun, god i love how sexy i am. always look at young sexy, i agree.

11.but, you know, a really sexy one.

12.the behaviors - behaving as if you feel sexy and behaving as if you feel confident - leads women to feel confident.

13.the effect is soft and pretty rather than drop-dead sexy.

14.i bought my husband some sexy lingerie.

15.i saw that a man in a wheelchair can be utterly sexy. that a woman who has no hands can appear not to be missing anything.

16.i am not sexy i'm goofy!

17.wounded and mysterious and sexy.

18.i think those pants make you look fat, but in a sexy.

19.what makes a women sexy?

20.tina turner shimmied across the stage in an incredibly sexy dress.

21.don't get angry, but i got you a really sexy dress.

22.does he hook up with sexy linda?

23.if someone says i'm sexy, i think it's a compliment.

24.the man also can be sexy and cute.'re looking very sexy, jones.

26.flirting is sexy. teasing is cruel. do not confuse the two or serious, long-lasting hard feelings could ensue.'s daring, sexy and adventurous.

28.i made-a sexy time with my mother-in-law. if you are a hot, sexy girl don't hesitate to contact me.

30.she was wearing a tight-fitting police uniform, armed with a pair of handcuffs, sexy pout.

31.she describes the tango as a very sexy dance.

32.i feel more feminine, more sexy.'s hard for a woman to feel like a maid one moment and then turn around and feel sexy the next.

34.she looks both indian and western, and is often put into sexy, serious roles.

35.jessica: i don't need a gay to tell me what sexy is. have a sexy smile and you know how to carry a fun conversation.

37.i think your boyfried's dead sexy.

38.tina: no thanks, i am pretty sexy already!