Session Sentence Examples | Use Session in a sentence

1.the social democratic party has vowed to try to stall the bill until the current Session ends.

2.a relaxation Session may put you in a better frame of mind.

3.his first important chance to show his mettle came when he opened the new Session of the legislature

4.he returned from a lunchtime drinking Session with his business cronies. may wish to take advantage of our instructional Session.

6.he collapsed following a vigorous exercise Session at his home

7.he strained his back during a practice Session.

8.i've made it clear going back over the summer that stopping all of the tax hikes was one of our main priorities for this lame-duck Session.

9.after two late night Sessions, the security council has failed to reach agreement did the third qualifying Session work out for you? it looked like you had a slight problem maybe with a slower car on your first run.

11.the Session was technically quorate.

12.he established himself as a Session musician.

13.then someone asked him a question, and he ended the interview Session, smiling ruefully as he walked out the door.

14.the russian parliament will hold a special Session later this month to decide his fate

15.instead, the Session has sowed confusion.

16.the programme was approved at a plenary Session of the central committee last week.

17.this parameter tells lotus domino to leave the Session for delivering mail open between the various servers.

18.the conference might reconvene after its opening Session

19.the two leaders emerged for a photo Session.

20.the coalition bulldozed the resolution through the plenary Session

21.arafat didn't want to call the council into Session because he thought he might not be able to control the outcome.

22.because we took the whole class for a complete afternoon Session, organisational problems were minimal.

23.surprisingly, the ability to hypnotize yourself can be learnt in a single Session.

24.the court was in Session.

25.he soon hit top speed to outgun all his rivals in the opening qualifying Session.

26.he held a three-hour family karaoke Session in his hotel, belting out sinatra and beatles hits.

27.the parliamentary Session ends on october 4th turned out to be a very interesting Session with a lively debate

29.hours after laying out his $447 billion jobs plan to a joint Session of congress, president obama took his case directly to the public.

30.rupert moon is out of today's Session with a twisted knee.

31.the biggest currency move of the Session was seen in the swiss franc, which continued to strengthen to record levels against the greenback.

32.the remote Session to the remote computer was ended by means of an administration tool. your administrator might have ended your connection. fewer than thirteen foreign ministers attended the Session.

34.the senate had a Session today with closed doors.'s back in Session, and with it come life-lessons in money management for students.

36.charles and i were closeted in his study for the briefing Session.

37.this Session was strictly for the boys.

38.everyone had already assembled in the boardroom for the 9:00 a.m. Session.

39.the remote Session bean is returned to be used to call the bean's business methods.

40.from september until december, congress remained in Session.