Sesquioxide Sentence Examples | Use Sesquioxide in a sentence

1.progress of study on vanadium dioxide and Sesquioxide

2.the method of synthesis carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ge-132) with geo_2 and nah_2po_2as the raw material and the reductant respectively is reported. high exposures, a slow oxygen adsorption is due to the oxidation of ce 2o 3 on the top layer, forming ceo 2.the dioxide can be converted into Sesquioxide again by annealing.

4.antitumor activity of carboxyethyl-germanium Sesquioxide

5.determination of carboxyl ethyl germanium Sesquioxide using carbon furnace atomization

6.the studies of mechanism show that ferrum is changed into sodium ferrite, gallium is changed into gallium Sesquioxide and gallate, germanium is changed into germanous dioxide and germanate in soda roasting process.

7.assay of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ge-132 and its preparations

8.aim: to search for more effective and less toxic new type radiosensitizer, three types of organic germanium Sesquioxide were synthesized.

9.air stripping had been studied to remove the high concentration of ammonia-nitrogen ( nh3-n) from vanadium Sesquioxide ( v2o3) wastewater in this project.

10.the effect of the ultraviolet-visible light transmittance, doping amount of thorium dioxide and neodymium Sesquioxide, ph value of the aqueous solution of sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate and some other factors on the photodegradation rate were studied.

11.β-carboxyethylgermanium Sesquioxide and its derivatives

12.preliminary stability results indicated that liposomes of ascorbic acid Sesquioxide ge ( iv) were stability at 4 ℃ 4. on the malignant transformation of human lung fibroblasts cell induced by nickel Sesquioxide

14.effects of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ge-132) on growth performance and immune response of broilers on heat-oxygen-age resistance of silicone rubber& the function of the complex of ferric Sesquioxide and copper oxide research the fabrication methods and processing parameters of ascorbic acid Sesquioxide ge ( iv) liposomes.

17.just residual Sesquioxide and silica accumulation.

18.using germanium tetrachloride as a starting material, by reduction, addition and hydrolization, β-carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( i. e. ge-132) was synthesized with good quality and high yield.

19.background: carboxyethygermanium Sesquioxide ( ge 132) is an organic germanium compound with multiple bio activities which has been studied extensively in recent 30 years. it has been used as investigation of new drugs to treat and prevent alzheimer's disease and many other diseases.

20.influences of carboxyethylgermanium Sesquioxide on platelet aggregation in rabbits

21.preparation of high purity titanium Sesquioxide

22.the therapeutic efficiency of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ceg) on three kinds of gastric ulcer model is presented.

23.the antitumor effect of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ge-132) was studied. of β-carotene and vitamin c on the transformation of human lung fibroblasts cell induced by nickel Sesquioxide vivo effect of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ge-132) on human natural killer cell activity

26.thermal behaviour of anticancer drug carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide

27.effects of carboxyethyl germanium Sesquioxide ( ge-132) on immunity and enzymatic activity

28.synthesis of organogermanium Sesquioxide compounds

29.thorium dioxide/ titanium dioxide and neodymium Sesquioxide/ titanium dioxide composite thin films were prepared by sol-gel method with glass bead as carrier, and then be used in the experiment of stationary phase photocatalytic oxidation toward sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate in aqueous solution.