Serpentine Sentence Examples | Use Serpentine in a sentence

1.his explanation was even more Serpentine.

2.advance in vibration analysis of Serpentine belt drive systems with a dynamic tensioner in automotive engines is reviewed. order to solve this problem, the Serpentine line was invented.

4.hamilton hands me a colour copy of a piece of new work that will hang at the Serpentine.

5.for example, the marble hierarchy includes multiple peer-level types of marble, such as travertine, Serpentine, and onyx.

6.tremolite laths and Serpentine minerals are present in places.

7.dynamic modeling of Serpentine belt drive systems and the tranverse vibration control of the belt

8.the effect of gangue minerals ( Serpentine, olivine and augite) containing magnesium onpentlandite flotation has been studied in this paper.

9.below in the little valley the still gray Serpentine of a river.

10.a massive data sort algorithm based on Serpentine tape those of china, japan's dragons are usually Serpentine creatures with clawed feet and lack the wings of their european counterparts.

12.a new method is presented for direct synthesis of hexacoordinate silicon complexes from Serpentine ore residue after extracting magnesium by atmospheric distillation.

13.if the earth is no longer going to be simply rolling in the Serpentine dance, then what will ensue?

14.he drove too fast down the dark, Serpentine lane. addition, a fractal tree-like channel heat sink and a Serpentine channel heat sink are respectively designed and fabricated to conduct the verification experiment for numerical simulation.

16.olivine has been completely altered to Serpentine, talc, and amphibole in the bore-hole examined in detail.

17.install the Serpentine drive belt and tighten to obtain the specified tension.

18.preparation of semi-solid aluminum alloy slurry by a Serpentine pouring channel process

19.but later that year harriet was found drowned in the Serpentine, and her two children by shelley became the subject of a lawsuit.

20.visitors enjoy the weather as they row boats on the Serpentine lake in hyde park on june 3, 2010 in london, england.

21.serpent ward-summons an immobile Serpentine ward to attack the shadow hunter's enemies. attacks land and air units.

22.a firework that moves in Serpentine manner when ignited.

23.from each island proceeded a Serpentine trail.

24.tribological properties of Serpentine ultrafine powders as lubricating oil additives

25.( with new Serpentine belt)

26.jade is produced in china's liaoning province, xiuyan county in a Serpentine, because its character is our country local Serpentine stone jade in the best, so local Serpentine is called jade.

27.heavy metal concentrations in plants and soils were studied in the area with Serpentine soil in yunnan in china.

28.remove Serpentine drive belt, refer to group cooling.

29.all this talk of that Serpentine devil is putting my quills on edge!

30.the mechanism of depressant ep on separation of Serpentine and blucite was studied in this paper.

31.and the so-called "jade", is our country on the" Serpentine stone jade ".

32.anl ■-jade is a Serpentine jade of the lizardite type.

33.tin ore, iron ore, copper, gold, Serpentine, granite, artificial stones processing, wood products marketing. in color: green a bird's-eye view captures the Serpentine course of a river in peru's mountainous chachapoya region.

35.this simple form is energized by selective apertures and a Serpentine wall, giving a sense of movement on civic drive. dressed as 'greedy businessmen' walk next to the Serpentine lake in hyde park, london as part of a mobile phone promotion.

37.the earth is locked in a regular Serpentine roll with planet x, the clash of their magnetic sides sliding past each other in a regular rhythm.

38.silicon releasing from Serpentine and olivine by bacillus mucilaginous

39.the Serpentine is so named, because its long slender barrel resembles a snake.