serology Sentence Examples | Use serology in a sentence for either type of laboratory work will include courses in general anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, serology, microbiology, histology, and laboratory testing procedures.

2.clinical study on serology of tt virus infection and pathogenicity in lanzhou

3.assistance in diagnosis is provided by serology.

4.methods isolation of rickettsia tsutsugamushi by animal, serology indentification, rest of virulence and immunity. prior to the air pressure test, a trial test shall be carried out using air or other nontoxic and incombustible gas.

5.blood tests ( serology) to demonstrate rising antibodies take too long to be useful.

6.methods: biochemical characterization, serology agglutination, observation of morphology by microscope, vitek system were conducted.

7.these diseases have been studied extensively in the fields of pathology, etiology, serology , biochemistry and molecular biology.

8.methods to adopted the methods of serology an epidemiology and detect brucella in the crowd and livestock.

9.alt level, serum hbv dna, and hepatitis b serology markers were measured at regular intervals, the adverse events were recorded.

10.relationship between serology and liver pathology of patients

11.layout tables and workstations, then being used in serology procedures, served the purpose equally well for dna procedures.

12.serology is of little or no value in determining how well a flock was protected against ibd.

13.syphilis serology positive report of 216 cases and 116 cases of the epidemic on serology, pathology, prevention and control of pmws on pig farm in luoyang

15.establishment of an indirect elisa for detection of antibody against bovine viral diarrhea virus and its clinical serology investigation the research, we introduce listeria monocytogenes detecting methods by means of serology, pcr, monoclonal antibody and apparatus.

17.his serology tests came back positive for hepatitis "c."

18.for large scale surveys of vaccine induced immunity, lab-based serology is more appropriate.

19.of those whose exposure cannot be determined , serology results show that more than half were negative for coronavirus .

20.a fast way of diagnosing typhoid, paratyphoid and typhus with serology agglutinating method

21.impact: hpv serology is a poor marker of current infection or related lesions, but it can contribute, together with dna, in evaluating the variations in the burden of hpv infection worldwide.

22.blood group serology investigation and analysis of the questionable clinical crossmatching cases

23.objective to assess the performance capability of syphilis serology among sti laboratories in guangdong province.

24.blood tests (serology) to demonstrate rising antibodies take too long to be useful. find your blood type the doctor sends your blood to a laboratory. comparison the influence on the blood group serology assay of san preservative solution and heating deactivation complement

26.and this surveillance on leptospirosis was made though the investigations on serology, etiology and molecular biology.

27."it's a pity that no virology and serology was carried out" to see whether those surveyed were infected with h5n1, he says.

28.objective to investigate the application of proteomics in the field of serology, and to screen the differential expression proteins associated with hbv-related primary hepatic carcinoma.

29.this paper summarizes the research progresses of app by etiology, serology and molecular biology.

30.comparison the influence on the blood group serology assay of san preservative solution and heating deactivation complement

31.serology of 23 gray leaf spot pathogens blood relationship

32.the development of biological test, diagnostic techniques of serology and molecular biology for foot and mouth disease ( fmd) was summarized in this paper.

33.discussion about the reasons that the positive syphilis serology of elderly entry-exit travelers

34.the indirect elisa method provided a technology for the diagnosis and serology detection of the sars virus in china.

35.this article reviews the various methods for detecting vulnerable plaques from the aspects of serology and imaging.

36.studies on brown sheath of rice ⅲ. serology, host range and growth lethal temperature of the pathogen

37.methods epidemiology, etiology and serology surveillance were applied to analyze the influenza epidemic.